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A gift everyone would welcome

A new book on Mehdi Hasan, originally uploaded by Jahane Rumi.

Strangely enough, not even a single book is available on Mehdi Hasan, one of our greatest musical icons. To fill in this void, a noted writer on cultural subjects, Asif Noorani joined hands with Liberty Books, a reputed name in book trade, to pay tributes to the singer who holds an enviable position in all forms of music, be it ghazal, folk or film. Eminent writers, singers, composers and actors in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have contributed to the volume, which carries articles on his invaluable contribution to music, comments and even anecdotes relating to the one and only Mehdi Hasan. There are also lists of his immortal numbers and that of the prestigious awards that he has won in three decades.

The third partner in the project, EMI Pakistan gave Noorani the freedom to delve deep into their rich musical archives collected over six decades. The selected numbers, highly representative of the singer’s contribution to ghazals, on the one hand, and folk, classical and film music on the other, were digitised and now feature on two CDs accompanying the book. The widely appreciated package is priced at Rs 695. Continue reading



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