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Royal Confusion: An interview with Ali Azmat

PTH is publishing this exclusive interview of Ali Azmat, Pakistan’s popular pop singer who has gained inordinate attention due to his controversial views and suggestions for the country. We are grateful to Fazeelat Aslam for sharing this interesting narrative that sheds light on the royal confusion that permeates the urban middle classes of this country. Raza Rumi

I recently interviewed Ali Azmat, former long locked rockstar, turned peace activist, turned conspiracy theorist and on occasion political analyst. Azmat has been a proponent of the Zaid Hamid school of thought, but wants to clarify that his views extend beyond what the public currently percieves. Azmat insists on stating his autonomy and that while he collaborates with Hamid, he stands on his own. Azmat tells me he stopped drinking branded beverages twelve years ago, that’s when the process of his enlightenment began. The McDonalds campaign he did in the middle was a small blip on his road to Nirvana. I begin by asking him what exactly the problem is in Pakistan:

AA: The image of Pakistan is being shown as fragmented, but it isn’t. This is psychological warfare on the people of Pakistan. In 2005 we were, as a nation, doing so well. I was making lots of money. We were doing concerts, we were doing social work. In 2005 the earthquake happened…

He pauses

AA: I’m suspicious about that, but lets not get into it… Continue reading


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