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Hatred and bigotry – when will this end?

by Usman Ahmed

I have with me, at the time of writing, a number of bumper stickers, leaflets and pamphlets regarding Ahmadis (or Qadianis as they are more derogatively referred to). According to the material at my disposal Ahmadis are traitors, criminals and the very worst kind of heretics. One leaflet is telling me in the most hideously bold type that even if Ahmadis flee to the moon it is the obligation of all Muslims to hunt them down and make their life as miserable there as it has been made on earth. Of course, it fails to mention how this costly venture might be undertaken or tackle the logistical problem of how hundreds and thousands of zealous Muslims, pitchforks, dandas and other fiendish accoutrements in hand, might actually get there. But hey! Forget the feasibility issues, surely it is worth going all the way to the moon to…wait…to…well I don’t know what exactly but I am sure it will be fun once the party gets started– although I suppose not so much fun if you’re an Ahmadi. Continue reading


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Today’s Decision and the Immaturity of Our Major Institutions

By Raza Habib Raja

The news of regime change are now being supplemented by news of another grave possibility: a repeat of the 3rd November steps to purge the Judiciary. These may be rumours perpetuated by this sensation loving media but unfortunately Pakistan always operates under “Murphy’s law”. Moreover when a rumour is going around, our response often makes it materialize.

And the Judiciary has apparently taken the rumours to be some indication of the brewing scheme in the corridors of powers and met late night to develop a counter strategy and in the morning has given the verdict equating any such revocation of executive orders as violation of Article 6 of the constitution. The court in a truly bizarre and too some extent even comically absurd manner acted  pre-emptively and gave verdict on perceived intent. Continue reading


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