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Fashionistas Not Revolutionaries

Lahore Fashion Week has brought Pakistan Fashion Debate back in international media.  

The first piece is from  CNN:

Lahore, Pakistan (CNN) — Bare backs, plunging necklines and high-cut hems. Western media recently reported that the bold statements made by Pakistan’s fashionistas at Lahore Fashion Week demonstrated how designers were rejecting conservative dress in the South Asian nation.

But the country’s top designers and models say that last week’s four-day fashion extravaganza wasn’t about defying extremism.

“I won’t go as far as to say that this was defiance of anything,” designer Kamiar Rokni told CNN backstage after his collection was shown. “That’s what the Western world sees because that’s what is news. But we’re making fashion news.”

Karachi may have stolen Lahore’s thunder by launching the country’s first fashion week last November but Lahore is considered Pakistan’s cultural capital and is home to the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design. It meant that Lahore Fashion Week became a sort of homecoming for many of the country’s premier designers who started in the city.

“It’s an extremely important, momentous show, not just for myself, but for everybody,” said Rokni, “because the Pakistan Fashion Design Council has been at it for five years and we’ve finally had our first fashion week.”

Vazeena Ahmed, who at age 37 is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most sought after models, said Pakistan had “trained designers now. Before there were just bored housewives with nothing else to do.” Continue reading


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Pakistani Fashion At Milan

It was a proud moment for Pakistan’s fashion when the country was recently represented at one of the biggest fashion platforms in the world — Milan Fashion Week. Of the designers who participated, each showed a fabulous collection and they did so in the New Upcoming Designers (N-U-De) category.

Italy Fashion

Deepak Perwani’s collection

Everything else aside, Pakistan has finally made it to one of the major fashion weeks in the world — a fact that we should applaud and be proud of.

Fashion gurus Maheen Khan, Rizwan Beyg and Deepak Perwani showcased their collections at the Milano Moda Donna (women’s) Spring/Summer 2010 season, organised by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. The buzz surrounding them showing at MFW had been going on for the past year, and to see it finally happen was indeed heartwarming. According to All Eyes on Asia by Francesca Fearon (published earlier in the Abu Dhabi-based daily, The National), Maheen Khan told her, “A year ago, I was approached by our ambassador in Rome to send her as many portfolios of designers as I could within a week. I did and here we are, unbelievably, heading for Milan!” Continue reading


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Pakistani Fashion Trailblazes Into 2010

At the moment it may seem like hell may freeze over before Pakistan find some kind of stability, but one sincerely hopes that our journey towards peace and prosperity begins in the year 2010. Meanwhile, the fashion industry has reared an adventurous head of its own and promises to bring many exciting propositions to the arena at large. As we step into 2010, almost two decades after fashion shows were publicised as cultural shows under senseless censorship, fashion in Pakistan has actually outrun every other liberal event in the country. Here’s a brief preview of the great expectations from fashion in the coming year… Continue reading


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