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Bedtime Story, A Poem

by S.Mubashir Noor

Silly goose,
Mommy’s gonna tuck you in tight
No monsters under the bed
No bogeyman in sight
And yes on the news,
Those people were just playing dead
Had a paint-ball fight,
Guess they only used red

God likes bowling too,
And you’ve heard how loud that can be
Those people running around
Just had wish-lists for Him to read
You get extra vacation,
For being the good boy that you are
And yes you can use their panic room
To day-dream in the dark

It’s just two brothers scuffling
They don’t see eye-to-eye
One seeks daddy’s approval,
The other in him stick a hunting knife
Each believes in the singularity of his purpose
Point guns at each other in God’s name
But God has left the building young one
They’re just poster-children for the holy gravy train.

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