Modern Fully Renovated House for Rent in F7/2

Situated in a quiet cul-de-sac this recently renovated house boasts stunning Margalla Views from two terraces.  The house has full modern central heating and modern split-level air conditioners in all rooms. Accommodation comprises 4 bedrooms with optional fifth bedroom or office, living and dining room, two lounges, and a large well lit full basement that is suitable for a gym or home theater. There is also a maid/house-help room. Well maintained and landscaped front and side garden. The house is within 5 minutes walk of Jinnah Super Market. The house was last rented out to an international organization.
Contact owner directly by email: or tel Nasir on 0300 512 9023.

Contact for ad inquiries.

8 responses to “Classifieds

  1. Mukesh Agrawal

    I am against US & I can’t understand why are they so interested in what happened in Bombay? , they have never been in PAST but now its all in there news, I think they are making Us as India & Pakistan fight.
    But what I cant understand is why Pakistan is not cooperating if they cant deal with complete list why cant they say we will give u some guy but cant give u all of them. US last year did Publish a list of places in Pakistan were terrorist are trained so believe it or not but, agree or not but there are terrorist trained in Pakistan & its not a news but but why is Pakistan not doing anything about it,if they cant then let the others do something about it.
    India should use there sense Pakistan has no real advantage from Bombay, terrorist are from Pakistan but that doesn’t mean Pakistan supports them. India should try and find who is financing those terrorist u will surprised its is US(America).
    India wake up and think, terrorist cant survive without money Pakistan does not have enough money for them so were is that money coming from RICH country like America it has to be rich country.
    US is fucked at this minute, Dollar is loosing it value, imagine buying Oil in Rupees or Pounds or Euro.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Vikram

    US is interested in Bombay because 6 US citizens were also killed in Pakistani terrorist attack last year. Pakistani terrorists killed 170 people (including 40 Muslims) from 12 different countries. Muslims attacked and looted India for 1200 years and converted people to Islam with sword. Muslims have been fighting since Islam was started. There was no US or Israel at that time. Money from terrorism come from Muslim ummah and oil rich middle eastern countries.

  3. Hi We are property developers and we are looking for investors who can invest into our future project in All Pakistan. It’s a long term investment with good return.we will agreement who will invest money with us. If you think you have skills, investment and real estate experience behind you is the person we are looking for please contact us on our cell number..

    Posted by: Al Rahim Enterprises
    Name: Rahim Khan
    Posted on: 17/12/2009
    Contact phone: 03002197390
    Cell Number: 03122179797
    Updated On: 17/12/2009

  4. @ Rahim

    Please, let this place free of your capitalist agenda..
    This blog is a dedication to the legendary literary place Pak Tea House and a post like yours is similar to a property business poster inside the Pak Tea House!

  5. Thomas

    What is going in here??? Why are the soldiers beating this man???? Shouldn’t he be arrested and taken to court if he has broken the laws..??? Is, can there be ANY excuse for such behavior…??? No wonder there are insurgents.. WTF is this about??

  6. msbaig

    Is there any way, all our pakistani who love pakistan , to rid off all political criminals, and deporting them to uk.

  7. i want to place link on ur blog

  8. I also want to submit my link in your blogroll

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