Who Is Qazi Anwar?

Qazi Anwar is an ANP Stalwart!


I write as a confirmed middle classia who has voted in two general elections for two different losing PPP candidates.

Something interesting happened today. Something shocked me greatly- so much that I shot up and rubbed my eyes to see whether I was asleep. But before I come to it let me give you the context.

Eversince the PPP got into an alliance with its historical foe ANP from NWFP, we have seen the emergence of a new kind of a self styled PPP worker. This PPP worker is virtually indistinguishable from an ANP worker on certain key stances which are:

1. You cannot refer to Pakhtunkhwa as NWFP…even if you do it inadvertently, you are a right wing middle class revolutionary wanna be PML-N sympathizer.

2. If you say something against Bacha Khan (who Zulfikar Ali Bhutto hated and who hated Zulfikar Ali Bhutto) you are an enemy of the PPP, Democracy and forces of the left.

3. If you supported the Lawyers’ Movement or have said anything good about Aitzaz Ahsan – well you are a right wing Islamo-fascist left hating closet Jamaatia.

4. If you call yourself a Pakistani instead of anything else, well you are most likely a member of the racist Punjabi elite out to cheat Pushtuns and everyone else of their rights.

These are consistent positions by the Neo-pipliya. It is therefore mildly amusing to be termed a middle class left-hating jamaatia left wannabe anti PPP Nawaz Leaguer, especially if you have always been a loyal PPP voter and if your family has been in the PPP since the late 1960s, by those who antecedents were in 1977 part of the Nizam e Mustafa campaign against Bhutto and who actively supported the military coup by General Zia and later accepted presidential medals from the General himself. Yes I am referring to the ANP wolf in PPP sheep’s clothing.

Now ladies and gentlemen there is a point to this. Bear with me for I come to the shocking discovery that was so shocking that I shot up from the bed in surprise as mentioned earlier.

I first heard about Qazi Anwar when he suddenly popped up to declare a general strike of Lawyers to get the NRO judgment implemented. His pathetic attempt was defeated. I thought at the time “not another Jamaatia Right winger as the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association”. Yesterday Qazi Anwar allegedly met Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the PML-N, and a few hours later the shit hit the fan.

Today Qazi Anwar declared that all parliamentarians were thieves and liars.

Now here is the real irony: Qazi Anwar is an office bearer, full member and ex-senator of…drum roll please … Awami National Party. Yes ladies and gentlemen, while ANP takes to waxes eloquent about evil Punjab yet again, a card carrying member of its main party core is hobnobbing with PML-N chief and advising him to hold out on the amendment package.

Pakistan People’s Party is the only federal party in Pakistan. It is also the only patriotic Pakistani party. ANP and PML-N are playing a dangerous game – one using its Pakhtunkhwa card (and the renaming of the province would obviously deprive them of this card) and the other is using the Punjab card. What these people are really after are mid-term polls. PML-N reckons it will win the election if held now and ANP sees that this could mean a renewal of the politics of 1990 when PML-N and ANP were the staunchest of allies despite completely different views or so we thought.



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21 responses to “Who Is Qazi Anwar?

  1. Shahab Riazi

    You say:”Pakistan People’s Party is the only federal party in Pakistan.”
    This for a party that has used Sind card at every instance it could.

    You also said, “It is also the only patriotic Pakistani party”

    I am not sure where to being but lets go towards a question: Isn’t that the last refuge for someone? Are you making a blanket statement here that everybody in Pakistan who does not support PPP holds a grudge against Pakistan as an idea or the social entity?

  2. Shahab Riazi

    I meant I am not sure where to begin in the sixth line of my response.

  3. yasserlatifhamdani

    “Are you making a blanket statement here that everybody in Pakistan who does not support PPP holds a grudge against Pakistan as an idea or the social entity?”

    Not necessarily. It may entirely be inadvertent on that person’s part.

  4. Maestro96

    @YLH – I do not totally agree with some of your statements made above. For one, i would discourage you to label parties on their perceived patriotism. This is what the right wing does.

    As far as renaming the province concerned, what business is this of PML-N to to block that move?

    Rename the province to Pakhtunkhwa by all means. I think the ANP of today is different.
    LANdesked into the computer and saved the folder to the correct place in the H drive.

  5. Tilsim

    Not sure about the purpose of this article. I don’t think it furthers our understanding other than suggesting that there is division within the PPP on a new name for NWFP. Is that really the case? Also does it really matter if the majority in the NWFP want to more closely reflect the name of the province with the identity of the majority who live there? Surely we can all have more than one identity and others should not feel threatened by it. Yes some do worry about Pakhtun nationalism and unsettled territorial disputes with Afghanistan but the ANP is not an anti-Pakistan party from what I can tell.

  6. yasserlatifhamdani

    I don’t why the purpose of the article is so unclear. It is to reiterate that ANP is doing nothing about its office bearer Qazi Anwar who is responsible along with nawaz sharif for the deadlock.

    I am not sure where you got the suggestion about the name. Most Pakistanis want the name changed because this is only way ANP’s dirty politics can be brought to a halt.

  7. takhalus

    Qazi Anwar was in the lawyers movement from the get go..it was only ill health that forced him to take a backseat till shortly before his recent election.

    He’s been a PPPliya for most of his life since the 1960’s when Bhutto first visited the frontier and was imprisoned for his opposition to Zia

  8. ranj8

    I think Qazi Anwar is acting more as an independent president of the supreme court bar rather than an ANP member. Just as Aitezaz contributed in the lawyers movement primarily as a lawyer rather than a member of the PPP. I mean his moves were certainly not dictated by the PPP during the movement.

  9. yasserlatifhamdani

    I find it amazing that ANP activists have a thousand names for those who sincerely have a different point of view but cannot bring themselves to condemn one’s own …like Qazi Anwar.

  10. Majumdar

    Yasser Pai,

    Pakistan was meant to be a union of autonomous state. Rather than pillory ethnofascists/ethnonationalists, Pak must find a way of co-opting them if it has to survive.


  11. yasserlatifhamdani

    That is what the 18th amendment is about. My objective here is to take the mask off of people Qazi Anwar and Hoss.

  12. Mustafa Shaban

    I jut want to clear a doubt….I heard Nawaz Sharif wanted Zardari to complete his 5 year term and said no to mid term elections. Is this the case or has he argued for mid term elections?

  13. aliarqam

    I can just say sorry on your mentality Yasser….

  14. aliarqam


  15. aliarqam

    Thats all…..PTH is made for

  16. yasserlatifhamdani

    Yaar Ali

    1. Has ANP kicked out Qazi Anwar for his comments yesterday and today?

    2. Have you condemned Qazi Anwar and the ANP?

  17. krash

    I don’t understand the argument here. Qazi Anwar is speaking in his capacity as President SBCA and is not talking about ANP policy. Why would ANP interfere with SBCA.

    Aitezaz Hasan remained a member of PPP all the while he was leading the lawyer’s movement.

  18. Some light on Women social reformers of Pakistan who have played important roles in the past and those who are currently making tangible contributions towards their upliftment will be deeply appreciated.

  19. yasserlatifhamdani


    Lawyers Movement was not aimed at undermining the parliament.

    Qazi Anwar has actively created hurdles in the 18th amendment and has abused Pakistan’s elected representatives.

    The argument is that ANP wallahs are quick to abuse everyone as “punjabi racist” and “establishment” …why don’t they have a look at their own and condemn him.

  20. Natasha

    No wonder.

  21. mazbut

    The gift of western democracy is making wild remarks about others! Qazi Anwer who ever he may be was not entirely wrong when he said the a Parliament of rascals cannot be given the absolute right to decide the appointment of judges!!