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Poem:The Hungry Face

” This poem was written to highlight the plight of children, far removed from education and comforts of home and confined to dreaded routines of existence” –

The Daughter of Pakistan, in search for bread and water…….the quest continues and so her questions….

As she rests her soul against the pole
The blistered feet and in tattered clothes
The only place, where she can breathe
The open fields and the crowded streets
In search for bread and water Continue reading


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Would-be suicide bomber flees militants

This item of news is from The News  of 06 Jan 2010 – PTH

BATKHELA: A would-be suicide bomber managed to escape from the captivity of militants and reached home in Khattakay area of Malakand Agency on Tuesday. “I don’t want to kill innocent people in bomb blast,’’ said the 14-year-old Shah Hussain, son of Alam Khan, while talking to reporters at the Malakand Levies post. Continue reading


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Bedtime Story, A Poem

by S.Mubashir Noor

Silly goose,
Mommy’s gonna tuck you in tight
No monsters under the bed
No bogeyman in sight
And yes on the news,
Those people were just playing dead
Had a paint-ball fight,
Guess they only used red

God likes bowling too,
And you’ve heard how loud that can be
Those people running around
Just had wish-lists for Him to read
You get extra vacation,
For being the good boy that you are
And yes you can use their panic room
To day-dream in the dark

It’s just two brothers scuffling
They don’t see eye-to-eye
One seeks daddy’s approval,
The other in him stick a hunting knife
Each believes in the singularity of his purpose
Point guns at each other in God’s name
But God has left the building young one
They’re just poster-children for the holy gravy train.

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Bare necessities

By Aroosa Masroor      Dawn, 04 Dec, 2009 

DADU: Mehak Essa is content that she can now concentrate on her studies. Until two months ago, she spent most of her time calculating the minutes that would be wasted in walking all the way to her relative’s house each time she wanted to use a toilet. But now that her school has a separate toilet for girls, she says her mind is ‘at peace.’ Continue reading

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Young Minds, Old Hatreds

F S Aijazzuddin, Principal Aitchison College, Lahore, wrote the following in February 2009 after a speech to 500 young Aitchisonians by the then outgoing Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan

It was a fitting occasion for a farewell speech. The setting was a 122-year-old college for boys, established in Lahore at a time when the British intended to rule forever and to use the princes of the Punjab to perpetuate that rule. The speaker was the Indian High Commissioner, making his last formal speech in Pakistan before relinquishing charge. Continue reading


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Diya – a Hero’s Daughter

Text & Photos by Fauzia Minallah


 Diya with her father Pervez Masih’s photograph

Diya is only three, she is lost and has many questions about her father Pervez Masih. Pervez was a janitor at the International Islamic University. On the fateful day when IIU was attacked by suicide bombers, he was the hero who stopped the terrorist from entering the cafeteria for female students. Pervez lost his life, while saving the lives of more than 300 students. Continue reading


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US Rotarians visit Institutes for special children

Rotarians Lon and Helen Penna from Rotary Club of Glenville, Rotary International District 7190, New York, USA) visited Al-Kharwarzi Institute for the Physically Handicapped Children where Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison has provided braces to its students through a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant.  The US Rotarians showed special interest in the students suffering from Cerebral Palsy (C.P.).  They visited them in their classes and interacted with them.  They also visited the physiotherapy center and were impressed by the way everything was organized.  Later, they later visited Shalimar Institute for the Hearing Impaired Children.  They visited the classes and played games with the children.  They also saw their artwork and paintings which had won many prizes. They praised the children for their art work. Continue reading


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