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On the Task of Writing Meaningful Words

By Zia Ahmad

Writer’s block is fiction, doesn’t happen, an excuse for pure dumb laziness and a supremely narcissistic and vain labored way to remind oneself of his/her pretentious talented bearings. Just as anyone can sing, cook and laugh, writing is a vocation any one can take up. Nothing to it, easiest thing in the world. Continue reading


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Another Interview

By Zia Ahmad


Making eye contact with words ending with a Y does not make you chinky. Making eye contact with a prospective employer in this pure land of ours doesn’t do you any favors.  At best it only makes the tongue of your mind go flat for some brief period of time. Continue reading

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What Does Pakistan Mean

Posted by Raza Rumi

What Does Pakistan Mean is a fabulous poem by Habib Jalib. Here is a translation that testifies to the relevance of this poem decades after it was written.

Bread, clothes and medicine
A little house to live in
Free education, as may right be seen
A Muslim, I, too, have always been
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God, but God, The Rab-al-alameen Continue reading


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Internet gaming

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On Love: the Politics of Intimacy

In this brief post Shaheryar Ali presents a radical view of intimacy and discusses how the exercise of control and power define, limit and often undo what is termed as “intimacy”. Several readers may not agree with all the points made, but this is an inquiring write-up betraying contradictions of “knowledge” itself. Continue reading


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