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Lahore citizens condemn Karachi violence

Concerned Citizens of Pakistan (CCP) strongly condemn the continued violence in Karachi which has resulted in the loss of over 70 valuable lives in the past four days. On Tuesday more than 20 people were killed in Kabari Market in full view of the public, yet nobody has been apprehended.  It is a matter of deep concern that the largest city of Pakistan, which is also the major centre of commerce and industry has been paralysed. Normal life has come to a stand still but indiscriminate firing continues. The city of lights has been reduced to  a slaughterhouse where bullet riddled and tortured  bodies of young people between the    ages 20 and 35 are found strewn over different parts of the city. The imposition of curfew followed by search operations has not yielded any positive result. Continue reading


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KARACHI- Wrapped Up In Violence

Wrapped up in violence,
This city of mine and yours
In Edhi and Chippa ambulances
The bodies and its remains
Wrapped up in darkness
The city and its lights
As its screams go unheard
As the dead search for their graves Continue reading

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Picture of the day: Best Friends


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