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The Futile Pursuit Of Al Qaeda Leadership

By D. Asghar

9 years and the speculations are still ripe about the whereabouts of OBL and his aides. The recent statement of the unnamed “NATO Official” puts his presence in the area between Afghan and Pakistani border, close to Kurram Valley. As if this was a big surprise?

Of course any body with a pea of a brain can decipher that a man supposedly suffering from “kidney ailment” cannot possibly hide in the “caves.” The denial by the Pakistani government was rather swift as usual and the Interior Minister, Mr. Malik categorically put the burden on the NATO Officials to provide credible evidence. Now Mr. Malik may be an Interior Minister, but not a wise one though. In the past as well, we have seen the usual denials on other allegations as the first reaction and when proof was provided, we have seen the spin immediately emanating from the spokes holes. Secondly, to exactly pin point where certain people may be present is a reference, which is subject to change at any given moment. Continue reading


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The Change, we all seek

Husham Ahmad

Times are tough, I know. The dismay is in air. When you speak to people, all you hear is negativity, gloom and cynicism on the direction we are headed. You will find very few who show confidence in general state of affairs. When terrorists are striking on symbolic targets in different cities with impunity; when economy is spiraling downward; when prices of essential commodities are rocketing sky high; when all you hear are stories of corruption in government ranks with few notorious figures handling the most important of ministries; that is a time when a word like ‘Change’ seems very fascinating.

Why would not anyone yearn for change? It is such an appealing word when nothing seems to go right. And when the biggest disaster in country’s history strikes, which exposes the ineptness and lack of capacity of government more than ever, the change mongering picks up.  People start to put aside the rationale arguments and become ever willing to ignore the legitimate ways to bring about change for the ‘greater good’. Flawed notions like ‘national interest versus democracy’ are put out there. Apparently dead dogmas like doctrine of necessity are flogged and brought to life. Continue reading


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