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The Wars of the State.

By Feroz Khan

The reality has a way of obscuring the obvious. As the nation of Pakistan deals with the multiple threats facing it, it seems doubtful if it even understands the full gravity of the existential challenges, which face it. For too long, the state of Pakistan has identified the identity of its problems in terms, which seemed alien to the nature of the problems themselves.

This article is not about Pakistan’s “place in the sun” or why the dreams of greatness, nourished for so long and wished upon so fervently, never materialized, but rather it is about an explanation that seeks to answer, why Pakistan is tottering on the brink of failure as a nation. This article is not about Jinnah or what Jinnah wanted and neither is it a mea cupla or an instigation of blame, but it is about those imponderables of power which make up the very soul of a nation and provides it with the very breath that sustains its national persona.

In order to understand the root causes of the problems facing Pakistan presently, it might make sense to revert to the mists of the past and discern the logic, which would shape the evolution of Pakistan’s destiny from its creation. Again, this article is not about the origins of the idea of Pakistan or the struggle for Pakistan as much as it an article that seeks to ask why the idea of Pakistan could never be fully defined and explained; to the world and to the Pakistanis themselves. The purpose of this article is not to debate the meaning of Pakistan but to comprehend the thought by which Pakistan sought to characterize itself as a nation-state and one, which would embody its policies both domestically and internationally. If the argument is to be made that Pakistan is a failed state or is on the cusp of failure, then what the discourse needs to emphasis is the totality of the genesis of a nation-state, in its modern lexicon, and how Pakistan chose to interpret the very definition of a modern-state.

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