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The War within Islam

By Raza Habib Raja

Legend says that Karachi is protected by the holy shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi. It is said that storms and natural calamities have largely spared Karachi due to the protection offered by the soul of the great sufi saint. But perhaps even more than that perceived status of the protector of the great coastal city, is the  importance of the shrine as a symbol of tolerant, spiritual and mystic version of Islam. This symbolic embodiment was perhaps its misfortune on the fateful day of 7th October.

The tragedy is similar to what happened at Data Darbar Lahore. The terrorists have clearly made their intentions clear that tolerant Islam won’t be tolerated. To them the only “acceptable” version is the Wahabi brand of Islam and the rest is “biddat”. Continue reading


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Taliban Vs Pashtuns

by Ali Arqam

Taliban are not by any means a representation of Pashtuns as what we are witnessing today in the shape of the barbaric Talibanized militant values are not of hospitality and sanctuary as well as regard for women, children and family

Antonio Gramsci, an Italian (1891-1937) Marxist thinker, has defined the term hegemony as “the predominance of one social class over others (e.g. bourgeois hegemony). This represents not only political and economic control, but also the ability of the dominant class to project its own way of seeing the world so that those who are subordinated by it accept it as ‘common sense’ and ‘natural’.” Continue reading


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