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Match fixing: shameful and unacceptable

The News of the World exposes cricket match-fixing scandal

Raza Rumi

The match-fixing allegations are not new for Pakistani cricketers. In the past, such allegations have been proved within the country. The recent scandal with circumstantial evidence broke out by a British tabloid is simply mind-boggling and shameful. We hope that a fair inquiry will remove the mist from the narrative presented by the media. But a thorough inquiry must take place and all the recommendations should be implemented.

Even if there is a grain of truth in the allegations against 7 members of the the team including Mohammad Amir whose bowling was ironically praised in the ongoing test match, it is a matter of serious concern and brings shame to all Pakistanis.

That such an incident happens at the world stage when Pakistan is struggling to recover from a major natural disaster and seeking international assistance has ramifications for the country and its people.

What is wrong with us? Is it that bad? The absence of rule of law and flouting of ethical standards in every sphere seems to be our fate?

Perhaps, another conspiracy – as I just heard a few people on the television. No. We must admit that we are sliding down and we need to face our grim realities and do something about it.

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Cricket – a message from Australia

Michael Whitting has sent this message to PTH readers
It might seem odd to some people that I’m again contacting you about cricket, given the other problems that Pakistan is facing. But I want your readers to know how thrilled I and many other fans of cricket are that Pakistan has won another Test game.
The result of a game of cricket is in no way comparable to the health and dislocation problems arising from the floods, or the more general issues of management to be addressed by the national government, but in its own way it provides a glimmer of hope for better things for the country.
In the game the seam bowlers again bowled superbly and the team’s newest spin bowler demonstrated that there are many, many batsmen around the world who will be troubled by him. Additionally team management had the good sense to recall Yousuf to stabilise the middle order batting. The team was in control of the game for its entirety, during which there was a level of maturity not found on the last tour of Australia.
I’m not sure how many cricket fans around the world know that Pakistan can no longer play cricket in their own country. This is another factor to be considered in the victory. How would India, Australia – or any nation really – cope with playing all their matches on tour against crowds supporting their opponents?
Congratulations Pakistan!


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Living On A Prayer

By Yasser Latif Hamdani (courtesy Daily Times)

The truth is that we are living on a prayer in sport, in politics and even in our economy. And prayer usually means a handout, which itself is a reprehensible thing for any self-respecting people and, may I remind the self-styled Islam-pasand types, a clear violation of the dignity with which a Muslim ought to live his life under Islamic injunctions

As I write these lines, editorials and blogposts all over the blogosphere are full of euphoric scribbling on how the unpredictable Pakistani cricket team has brought down the mighty Australians by bowling them out for 88 on the first day of the second Test match for our home series, which, ironically, is being held abroad in fields of the erstwhile colonial master who gave us cricket. There is a certain pride that our writers have in the unpredictability of our cricket team. It would almost be cute if it were not so tragic. Need I remind you of the heartbreak when indomitable Mr Hussey pulled the rug from under us at the World T-20 Championship? Continue reading


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First of all, thanks to Allah

another skewed perspective by kinkminos

So Pakistan finally defeated Australia in a test match. “Hallelujah,” if you’re an ethnophobic Anglophiliac like myself. “Shukr alhamdolillah,” if your thot processes have more of an Urdu-medium bent.

The attendant frailties exposed during the match are immaterial to the majority of cricket-mad Pakistanis. The lack of commitment and self-belief; the absence of any sort of plan or an attacking approach; the insha’allah masha’allah subhanallah state of mind… kiss the ground as we bow to the heavens in gratitude to the only force we accept as relevant in any clash, confrontation, encounter or conflict.

So what? We’re Packies. We play (and follow) cricket the way we live our lives; with an unshakeable belief in the almighty and his Continue reading


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Shahrukh You Rock !

IPL fiasco threatened to further worsen Pakistan-India ties.  Now the great King of Bollywood has stepped up to the plate and spoken on the issue. -YLH

The team owners of the India Premier League (IPL) have so far stood together on the issue of not bidding for any Pakistani players in the third edition of the event. They had come out in the media denying any foul play. But now a prominent voice among them has stood up and voiced his opposition to the issue. It is none other than the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan who owns the Kolkata Knight Riders. Buzz up!In an interview to a leading news channel Shahrukh Khan said “They are the champions, they are wonderful but somewhere down the line there is an issue and we can’t deny it. We are known to invite everyone. We should have. If there were any issues, they should have been put on board earlier. Everything can happen respectfully,” It may be recalled that Shahrukh Khan who had taken active part in the bidding of the players in the first season had shown keen interest in Pakistani players. He had roped in Umar Gul and maverick Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar in the first season. Shahrukh’s statement is bound to add to the controversy especially after fellow Bollywood celebrities Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty having gone out in full support of the fairness of the bidding process.

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Bigotry In The Indian Premier League And The Bigger Picture

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

What I am about to write may hurt my Indian friends and I am sorry.  There are crooks, cranks and madmen in every country including India and there is no exaggeration in what I write.  I am merely writing from the heart as I always do.

Much has been said about the Indian Premier League’s decision to leave out Pakistani cricketers in the year that Pakistan is the defending World Twenty20 Cricket Champion.   Indians have come up with the stupidest excuses – excuses that cannot and should not make sense to any reasonable person.    But then we are not dealing with reasonable people. Continue reading


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Joy to the World of Cricket

India’s proudest possession


Tendulkar has gone two decades being a blend of the sublime and the precise, incapable of ugliness or of being dull; and those are among the least of his achievements

By Peter Roebuck, November 14, 2009 cricinfo

Sachin Tendulkar has been playing top-class cricket for 20 years and he’s still producing blistering innings, still looking hungry, still demolishing attacks, still a prized wicket, still a proud competitor. He has not merely been around for two decades. From his first outing to his most recent effort, a stunning 175 in Hyderabad, he has been a great batsman. Longevity counts amongst his strengths. Twenty years! It’s a heck of a long time, and it’s gone in the blink of an eye. Continue reading


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