Aasem Bakhshi
An Electrical Engineer by profession who always wanted to be a sociologist or a college teacher. Always wishing to be a book-a-day bibliophile, he is seldom successful in prioritizing things in life. He is good at nothing except escapism and meaningless meandering in cyber-sphere. His interests include religion, philosophy and subcontinental studies. Non Skeptical Essays is his personal blog. He is also a co-editor of PTH.

Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari is a new media professional who writes to create awareness of gender related issues in Pakistan

Bilal Qureshi

As a student of contemporary political history,  BQ is tremendously interested in politics. In his words: “I am also fascinated by the relationship between Pakistan, the country of my birth, and the United States of America. Therefore, I make every effort to read major newspapers in Pakistan and what is being said about Washington, while staying fully alert to the analysis and the news being reported in the American press about Pakistan.”  As a graduate student in America,  BQ started using his free time to write letters to various Pakistani & American papers in an effort to clarify whatever misconceptions he noticed in the press, especially about Washington & Islamabad.  Now,  he writes, edits and runs a blog about Pakistan managed by Foreign Policy Association. BQ is a graduate of Virginia Tech, USA, an official Pakistan blogger for Foreign Policy Association of New York ( Politically, he is secular, progressive and wants a bigotry-free Pakistan.

D. Asghar

D. Asghar is a Pakistani American, physically away from Pakistan but mentally always roaming around the Sohni Dharti. A Mortgage Banker by profession, loves to write. To him writing is almost equivalent to breathing.

Feisal Naqvi

Naqvi is a Lahore based lawyer who regularly writes in national and international media. He is a partner in a leading law firm and was trained at the Universities of Yale and Princeton, USA.


A writer, blogger and journalist who currently makes his living as a technical writer. He edited several magazines and newsletters, in Pakistan and in the US. Amongst recent publishing credits are “Spider,” Pakistan’s Internet magazine and a cover story for the Siliconeer. He blogs at iFaqeer, WadiWallah, and Rickshaw and contributes extensively at Urdu-ke-Naam; and PakistanFutures.

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Dr Ahmed is a professor of political science and a visiting senior research fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore.


In a world beset by internecine violence, this not so angry/young man has chosen to bury himself in the cheesy cultural smorgasbord that is Dubai. Following a lifetime spent mainlining faux western culture, he believes that he is now in a position to comment, from the safety and security of his dubious domicile, on things he knows little or nothing about, including the trials and tribulations of our good-for-taking godforsaken Land Of The Puritanical. He has been known to strut his stuff at mine kampf is your campfire and Poetry in Notion. Minos is also a co-editor at PTH.


He has little to offer the world, save for a few bits of wisdom stolen from jum’a khutbas. In the meantime, Mozaffar is trying to purge himself of the assorted variety of Nifaq-nuggets he keeps finding in his system. Otherwise, he is completing a doctorate in Islamic Intellectual History. Mozaffar’s Moments is the personal blog of this contributor.

Mystic Soul

A pukka Karachi-ite who blogs on Zindagi-ki-Diary that is a compilation of tales from everyday life while trying to connect the two worlds he is trying to naviagte!

Raza Rumi
A writer and blogger from Lahore, Pakistan: He maintains ahis personal blog Jahane Rumi , edits Pak Tea House and manages Lahore Nama and Development Industry blogzines. He is also a regular writer at the Pakistani weekly Friday Times, a weekly Pakistani publication and contributes to Pakistani publications such as The News, DAWN, and to Himal Southasia. His day job entails working as a policy adviser and development practitioner. As a policy expert, Raza works with international development institutions, government agencies and leading Pakistani NGOs. He is an adviser to an Asia Pacific governance network and also on the editorial board of Journal of Administration and Governance; and contributes to various publications in Pakistan and abroad.

Raza is the founder and chief editor of Pak Tea House.

Raza Habib Raja

RHR is an economist and currently is working for a leading development finance institution. He has been writing regularly for various internet publications including PTH. His interests include Pakistan affairs, reformation of religon and development disciplines. His believes in a tolerant and democratic Pakistan. He is also a co-editor at PTH.

Soniah Kamal

Soniah Kamal is an established creative writer. At college she received the Susan Irene Roberts award for her thesis based on Vikram Seth’s acclaimed ‘A Suitable Boy’. Since then, her short stories have appeared in various literary journals. She blogs at the blogger and Desilit, reviews books at ReadySteadyBook; and publishes a newsletter Peaks ‘n’ Peeves.

Yasser Latif Hamdani

Yasser is a lawyer based in Lahore who is interested in writing, blogging and advocacy on the ground. Yasser believes in the secular and democratic vision of the Quaide Azam and strives to join citizens’ movements to fight obscurantism and absolutism. He is a co-editor at PTH.

Zia Ahmad

Zia Ahmad has until now sold his soul to advertising, sitcoms, offshore call centers, and cold, heartless retail chains. Along the way he redeemed himself with an MA in Film from Kingston University. He is prejudicially fond of films, listens to music that radio stations  play late at night and has read all of Kurt Vonnegut. Zia is currently stationed in London.

37 responses to “Contributors

  1. Working hard to become a human being !

  2. interesting blog, great list of contributors. but where are the ladies?

  3. A great idea! And a list of contributors impressive enough for someone like me to visit the tea house again and again courtesy my desire to have some rich sips of enlightenment about the pakistani political and social scene.

  4. sounds a gr8 idea. keep it up the good work.

  5. XtremeDude

    emulsification personified!

  6. Dr.Daniyal Nagi

    Good work,my father was a regular visitor of PAK TEA HOUSE since early 1950’s till its closure few years back,and was on the front line for the restoration of PTH.He would love this website.
    Dr.Daniyal Nagi

  7. faisalk

    Excellent little digital cafe u guys got going here 🙂

    how does one contribute to this??

  8. What a nice, variegated, clean, well written blog! 😀

  9. do you guys ever meet up in person…if so, i’d like to meet you…

    <——brain draining in lahore

  10. Really nice, I want you all know that I too have a group blog and I Invite you There…Futurebells Dot Com , its all related to Pakistan and Politics.

  11. khurram durrani

    Nice to know u guys,its great some one do remember
    pak tea house!!!!!

  12. a really great effort for the rememberance of our old heritage..pak tea house .lahorites have really lost something which can never be replaced..

  13. faizaabi

    I am with you when you say that pakteahouse was our old heritage.But why we like to moan the things soooo much?Why does not somebody replace them.On the first place I never found out why it was abolished?And why it is so impossible to open a new Teahouse anywhere in lahore and make a new tradition.I live in europe and even I think that I shall open the one here when I get a chance.And yes I too have as little resources as all the other people on this website.I mean the noraml mortgage and other small loans that shall be paid in next 15/20 years.I can’t accept the notion that traditions belong to the past and not the present.All of us who are here in the honour of pakteahouse are enough to prove that tradition continues.So let us continue it by opening a new teahouse in Lahore or somewhere else in the world.Continue it by forming literary groups or at least having discussions with the people around us.Is it that difficult.
    For me closing of the pakteahouse to literature as It was Benazir’s assasination to Pakistan.

  14. Any effort towards establishing a platform for all those persons who wants to share his thoughts about our society…..our issues,the prejudices and conflicts among the people is welcomed…..Inshallah we will try to take part in such efforts

  15. Following Shahid Masood’s Foot Prints

    Politics in Pakistan always has been a game of opportunities like other developing countries in the world where political institutions are still on early stages and lack the ideological directions, but interestingly there are many examples where people were successful in creating opportunities for themselves, a notorious example is former Chairman of NAB, Mr. Saif u Rehman, who played vital role not only bringing down Nawaz Sharif government but also the political process and Rehman Malik, advisor for Interior in present Pakistan government is believed to be latest version of Saif ur Rehman. These so called ‘non-political people get access to political leaders through their brilliant ideas, courage and convection for wellbeing of public, in name of human rights and sacrifices for national interests and sometimes by blackmail through different means including ‘character assassination campaigns’ in name of criticism and free speech until the government through a bone, slowly they gain the confidence of decision makers and then share the powers and themselves become ‘kings’, once in power they would commit such heinous and unprecedented crimes while the actual leaders would bear the responsibility for these jugglers actions.

    The latest addition in Pakistani politics is Dr. Shahid Masood, who was successful in winning the post of Chairman Pakistan Television, a state owned TV channel, by his lengthy and twisted political analysis program on a private channel, severely criticizing the government and her policies but was ever ready to accept the top slot on state run TV in the same government, after his appointment, many stories has been surfacing about his lavish spending from public funds and his unlimited desire for luxury and physical pleasure, he was also a strong critic of former dictator Pervez Musharraff and MQM however as soon as he became the Chairman of state TV, he not only accepted a dinner in his honor by MQM governor but on this eve when Pervez Musharraff unexpectedly arrived in the dinner, he was offered the ‘Chief Guests” seat by Shahid Masood, might be Musharraff was no more a dictator if you watch him from lenses of Chairman PTV.

    The success story of medical doctor turned political analyst has grown hopes in many other fortune seekers and now many people are switching their professions to become future’s Shahid Masood, the easiest way is to get under civil society’s umbrella, not only criticize the political leadership but run a regular character assassination campaign against them until one is in lime light or taken notice of and government through a bone to keep him busy sucking the juice. Even some people in main stream Pakistani media are actively working on ‘Shahid Masood’ model, they give a colour of news to their personal desires and push themselves in a queue to be noticed by government, waiting for a ‘bone’, it might be a plot in government housing, a scholarship for son or daughter or a government post for themselves. Obviously this is professional dishonesty but as our national media is on its evolutionary stages, such ‘madaris’ are not only pocketing rewards from political rival groups but also gain public affection.

    The Shahid Masood ‘syndrome’ is not limited to main stream media but almost in every field in various forms but goals are similar, most of these jugglers forget the fact that Shahid Masood was a close friend of Benazir and Zardari and also played his cards wisely, interesting though now many ‘Bloggers’ are also working on same model, the one who make me surprised is a ….. political analyst and a blogger who took shelter under umbrella of civil society movement and criticized Pervez Musharraff, un-noticed and unsuccessful, he turned his guns towards PPP and its Chairman Asif Ali Zardair and even yet unnoticed and frustrated has openly announced a full scale war against Asif Ali Zardari, above settled ethics of blogging and fair criticism of governments actions Zardari, the mysteriously educated ‘The next step into further character assassination, that the least we can do, is to genuinely question his education’, proudly writes the so called … political analyst, this development is extremely dangerous and may ultimately damage the very political process for which media and civil society has sacrificed a lot, in case such personal agendas are furthered in name of fair criticism.

    There can be no second opinion that presents PPP government and Asif Ali Zardari has miserably failed to keep the promise to restore the judges sacked by Musharraff and deviated from the promise of Benazir Bhutto of restoring judiciary, Zardari is also accused of violating the written agreements with Nawaz Sharif, his explanations are vague and unacceptable for every citizen of Pakistan and he deserved to not only be criticized by strongly condemned for this specific inaction, but at the same time, running a so-called character assassination campaign against him or any other political leader seems to be tainted with ulterior motives and dishonest and equally condemnable. Such actions in name of civil society and freedom of speech will tarnish the little left confidence of people on political institutions and when the next dictator takes over public will once again distribute sweets in streets. The civil society and every honest critic of government actions must be aware of such black sheep who are furthering their personal agenda in name of educating people.

    After a long dictatorship we have got democratic process back on track, we need to strengthen the political process and built public confidence on political institution while at the same time keep check on political leadership not through organized character assassination campaigns but through fair, honest and reasonable criticism.

    Organized character assignation campaigns against politicians as proudly claimed by these jugglers for personal reasons, will only damage the institutions and civil society which is still at incubation stage.

  16. Mirbadshah

    Thanks for this long comment. Following the free speech policy we are publishing it with some editing-
    Thanks for visiting the PTH.

  17. Aliarqam

    Good speech…but I think its not the right place….

  18. What a great place to visit. I have had an idea of “Appnaiyat” here atleast. I have been blogging for a few months now and I was unable to find some really good bloggers but I guess now I have found something of great worth.

    I myself have been quite perturbed too much for the present condition of Pakistani youth. Although I don’t consider myself too righteous but I do realize that we are going in very wrong direction and running after those things which are of no use. We are a lost nation yet. We yet have to build ourselves which have been mutilated by Britishers for more than 3 centuries and later by countless unworthy politicians. To understand our problems there is no harm in accepting our own flaws. So I think, if I had been blessed with this realization then I should tell other too in at least as little way as I can. I don’t have guns and I am not a politician, all I have is a pen [or a keyboard for that matter]. So I guess I am going to use it in what ever better way I can.

    Once again kudos to all those who have started and now maintaining this blog. 🙂

  19. Adnan

    Working hard to disgrace Pakistan, bast****

    go check the stats of rapes done in USA every 2 sec there is a rape done in USA, what about Indian sex markets what about European sex markets where prostitution is legal.

    How many girls you tried to help who are doing prostitution for money ?

    Where are the solutions?

  20. Mahi

    I found a great platform to polish my memory and learn to increase knowledge that was going to be fainted cause of unavailability of sound writings with clear words on different aspects; indeed the writers are doing a great job with hard core efforts.
    Hats off to you guys.

  21. Mona Rahman

    Embedded with a passion to voice the issues effecting common man every day and put them into the appropiate frame of reality. Having immense desire to enter the field of journalism. well i m based in jeddah just graduated in commerce and i really wish if someone is there to worth my energy, diligence to work and provides me a chance that i may blossom into a journalist. If any one could guide me please let me know my email id:

  22. Nice post. I am inviting you to write for our website, so that more readers can read your write ups.
    We welcome opinions from all sides: the majority, the dissenters, the contrarians.
    You can contact us at

  23. Tariq Khan

    “After a long dictatorship we have got democratic process back on track, we need to strengthen the political process and built public confidence on political institution while at the same time keep check on political leadership not through organized character assassination campaigns but through fair, honest and reasonable criticism.”

    You must be joking! I’m amazed how Pakistan got through the last 60 yrs. It is a vicious circle… Army then bogus democracy then Army then bogus democracy… been going around in circles for the last 60 yrs.
    The Army comes in when Pakistan is on the brink of collapse; initially with good intentions. They try to clean up the politics in Pakistan and in the process become corrupted themselves. The “Kursi” can make a honest man corrupt and a crooked individual even more crooked.
    When the Army leaves and civilian government returns under the banner of democracy; all the filth that the Army initially tried to get rid off also returns.
    The author talks about Zadari and how he has broken his promises and other stuff. Hello! What did you expect from this character! The guy is a crook! Even the outside world knows that his name used to be Mr. 10%.
    As for Nawaz Sharif… he is not fit to lead any political party; his brother is a better politician then him. After returning from Saudi he became blinded by revenge (against Musharraf) and ended up making serious mistakes.
    As always the public suffers.
    20 yrs down the line; the same stuff will be going on… just like 20 yrs ago the same stuff was going on.

  24. Reports and Photos of Abid Hassan Minto addresses in UK (Bradford, Birmingham, Leicester and London)
    It is to inform you that major newspapers coverage and photos of Progressive Intellectual and Politician of Pakistan Abid Hassan Minto’s visit to UK and addresses ad Bradford, Birmingham, Leicester and London are published by the host organisation “South Asian Peoples Forum UK” on a dedicated site for the visit. All reports and photos can be seen on the following:

    Or it can be opened through the main site of the SAPF-UK

    Best regards

    Pervez Fateh

    Co-ordinator South Asian Peoples Forum UK

  25. bushra naqi

    This site can serve a people severely indoctrinated by media wizards by giving the other side of the picture, breaking away from stereotypes, cliches and platitudes. I am tired of the repetitive tape, circulated by media, playing in everyone’s mind. Who said every layman is a political analyst? . There is too much prejudice against individuals and institutions in the country which is not only destroying them but also accelerating the doom scenario. I like to be an optimist and give people benefit of the doubt. Please have mercy on those trying their best to rule us in a situation which was never that bad. Never mind who is responsible. Let us get together and unite to fight the common enemy.

  26. Shama T. Bukhari

    i am still wondering, if the writers and readers did won the case of restoring THE PAK TEA HOUSE.its been quite a long time,that i visited LAHORE(MODEL TOWN)i STILL REMEMBER THE OLD GOOD DAYS OF MY CHILDHOOD,WHEN I USED TO VISIT PAK TEA HOUSE WITH MY FATHER AND BROTHER.i am still absorbed in a feeling of self appriciation-when i realise,how calmly ,i used to sit there(at the age of eight years &onwards.CAN WE DO SOMETHING FOR THIS PLACE ??? A SYMBOL OF SELF PRESTIGE,PATIENCE,LITERARY VALUES & NOBLE MINDS.LETS JOIN HANDS .

  27. I appreciate the effort of you all guys, plz keep this up, thanks

  28. JM

    kool forum Raza…….with all the right ingredients, i must say, and with inputs 4rm all over the broad spectrum,i.e; all the way 4rm infra reds 2 ultra violets……..keep up the outstanding work, v need more forums like this 2 continue 2 encourage healthy writing, discussion & debate, as well as the most important thing missing 4rm our polity…….Agreeing 2 disagree….Salaam Pakistan.

  29. I have been following posts on PTH and find them interesting, intriguing, thought provoking and sometimes heavily biased. Thats freedom of speech and it must continue while keeping one thing in mind – it should serve us right in the long run rather than pleasing someone.

  30. Taha Rizvi

    How does one contribute to PTH ?

  31. Write a brilliant, incisive piece, spare no sacred cows, point out an obvious truth that people have been missing out talking about, and send it to the High Command.

    If you do work out the formula, let me know.

  32. farheen chaudhry

    Though is seems to be dark around, we are clouded by corruption,social unjust and disappointment at all levels. . . ..but there is always an anti climax after every climax. . .pakistan is at the verge of that climax. We are standing at a very critical turning point of the history. . .only a single step may decide our fate. . . .so watch out!! . . .. analyse the situation in a broader spectrum. . .done cant be undone. . .lets work for the better cause for peace and humanity. .. in the inner and outer world. . .

  33. Pingback: The Cyber Rebirth of Pak Tea House | Tea Break

  34. msaarpan

    Well well! I have very recently got in touch with the PTH. It is a refined medley of intellects and a windown to catharsis of the intelligentia. I am really amused to go through it as a routine practice. Will be pleased to contribute my articles if given a green signal.

  35. Indeed. You have a green signal. Please check the tab ‘contact’ and send me your contribution.

  36. Tahera Sajid

    Hello Everyone,

    A friend sent me the link to this site today, and I noticed some other familiar names as I scrolled down the list of contributors. This seems like a great place to converse, share and stay updated on issues about Pakistan.

    …glad to have stopped by!

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