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PTH featured in a British newspaper

Dil Nawaz, our contributor has informed that the UK Weekly Jewish Telegraph have featured PTH interview in their latest issue.
He sent us an image of the copy as well. PTH’s moderate credentials are now getting global recognition. Thanks to all the readers and writers. Occasionally, there are slips in comments and verbal duels erupt for which we are always in a dilemma – to censor or not to…One day, an equilibrium will be found. Until then please bear with us.


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Raju Jamil

BRISTOL HOTEL Karchi was constructed by a Welshmen (name unknown) in 1910 near the Cantonment Railway Station-Karachi..parallel to the rail tracks between Karachi Cantt and Karachi City Railway Station. It neighbors the British Council now.

Initially a TAVERN & BISTRO for the affluent ones..mostly the high echelons and army officials under the British Raj of early 1900s.
The hotel was mostly the venue of the most talked about New Year parties, May Queen Ball and wedding parties and became the most popular place of Kolachi or Kurracchee then which continued till late 50’s when the Welshmen’s son Grout, left for UK selling it to
a Pakistani namely Rizvi Sahab, an I.T.O in 1960.

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Musharraf’s Core Constituency and His Prospects

By Raza Habib Raja

I remember watching his last speech in a crowded room and also the huge roar when he announced his resignation. Just two years have passed and it’s amazing the way the fortunes have turned (or have they?). If election were held on facebook, Mr Musharraf’s only tough competition would come from Imran Khan!!. The “enlightened moderates” are up in arms and ready to wage a struggle (unfortunately or shall I say fortunately on facebook only) to bring their leader back.

 How do you explain Mr Muharraf and his sophisticated and yet confused core constituency? The constituency comprises of the segment of upwardly mobile urban middleclass, with which he has experienced such a love hate relationship. It was elated when he deposed Nawaz Sharif and was swearing against him when he deposed the Chief Justice. The same middleclass, which prospered during his tenor was in arms against him when he challenged their ideological orientation and it is vociferous in its zeal to bring him back.

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