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Infrastructure of anti-Muslim Hate in the US

From the Washington Post

The dismissal of Juan Williams’ from NPR once again exposes the difficulty America is having discussing Islam in a cool or rational manner. Williams’ exchange with Bill O’Reilly featured much of the usual ignorance, with both agreeing that, although undefined “good Muslims” do exist, all Muslims must be considered potential soldiers in an Islamic war against America. This ludicrous belief is not only a distortion of reality, but also poses a serious threat to the well-being and security of the United States. In adopting this position, Williams and O’Reilly were reflecting the climate of hatred against Muslims that is fueled by prejudice and lack of knowledge.

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A ‘desi’ desire for Aman ki Asha

by Adnan Shahid (Courtesy: The News)

I am a proud Pakistani. I wear my national identity openly. But I am also a strong advocate of Indo-Pak peace. In 2004, I had the opportunity to work on a short term consulting assignment for a multinational oil and gas company in Delhi. Relations between the two countries were then lukewarm at best. But I still felt the warmth at the personal level, which reinforced my belief in the need for people-to-people contact. Continue reading


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APPEAL: DAWN TV should re-consider hiring Talat Hussain

By Yasser Latif Hamdani


Strong title? Well I suggest you read Talat Hussain’s ridiculous piece in an Urdu newspaper.

To respond to his article: Angelina Jolie is a hundred times more respectable than you . She has done more for this country than you will do in another 5 lifetimes.

However I am more worried about Dawn TV. Dawn News – when it was in English- was the only hope for sanity and good sense in journalism in Pakistan. Then it went Urdu and it still maintained a standard above that of other channels like Aaj and Geo. Continue reading


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