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In August of this year.

In August of this year, owner Daryll Mann lost his cat in Coventry, England. The animal was discovered 15 hours later when Mr Mann heard her cries from inside a wheelie bin. After checking his security cameras he discovered a woman, Mary Bales, had grabbed the feline by the neck and thrown her in the bin. The police and the RSPCA were called into investigate the incident. The public outrage was swift and brutal. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg expressed his shock while a concerted media campaign led by Britain’s notorious tabloids condemned this act of ‘inexplicable cruelty’ and called on Miss Bales to serve the maximum six month prison sentence. Continue reading


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Pakistani Military Wins Gold Medal For Toughness

Pakistanis Are Tough Patrollers, Army Wins Gold Medal In UK
At an event organized by the British Army for world militaries to compete in toughness, with 750 soldiers participating from worldwide, Pakistani soldiers bagged the Gold Medal for being the toughest soldiers capable of patrolling in the most difficult conditions.

(of course you wont get this news on “patriot” Pakistani electronic media)

A patrol from the Pakistan Army at the start of Cambrian Patrol. Continue reading


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Supreme Court short order out …

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

… And thank god that they have not dabbled in that horrible theory of the basic structure which would have meant closing the door on any future prospect of democratic reform in Pakistan (in my personal view).

I think this is an important middle ground which has atleast restored some of the faith I had lost in our judiciary to do the right thing.

Now it is upto the democratic government to meet the judiciary half way. Continue reading


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Understanding the roots of corrupt, dynastic politics

By Dr. Niaz Murtaza

The ability of our corrupt political families to keep winning has reportedly attracted the envious fascination of the cat, ever looking for ways to push the number of its lives into double digits. For our educated class though, it is a matter of enduring mystery and frustration, and attributable to the low IQ of the masses who get swayed by catchy slogans instead of credible policies. In reality, the masses are being perfectly rational. Continue reading


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