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Yuppies of the Urban Middleclass, Unwashed and Illiterate Masses and their right to vote

This article of mine was originally published in Express Tribune with a different title. However in the light of some comments on tribune and face book, I think this is a better title. I am amazed how condescending these yuppies are towards common man’s right to vote. Frankly I am no Zardari Lover, but I will defend to death his right to stay as President as long as he has the votes.

By Raza Habib Raja

Right now the news of possible regime change are dominating the mainstream media and active enthusiasm for that by some quarters shows that euphoria after the elections of18th February 2008 has fully subsided and has been replaced by plain disgust. If the demographics of the wary public are to be taken into consideration, it is again some sections (yuppies to be precise) of the affluent middleclass which are pressing for the regime change and are ready to support even unconstitutional means. However, this time the buck does not seem to stop at regime change as a sizeable number either wants democracy to be completely purged or at least temporarily suspended, to give way to an interim government composed of technocrats who would “cleanse” the system and pave the way to eventual and “real “democracy”. Continue reading


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Beyond the boundary

By Feisal Hussain Naqvi

Some weeks ago, an English newspaper published an expose of a sting operation in which one of their reporters pretended to be a bookie and paid GBP 150,000 to one Mazhar Majeed, the agent for several Pakistani players. To demonstrate his credibility as a match-fixer, Majeed offered to have Pakistani players bowl no-balls at specific moments during the fourth test match. The offer by Majeed and his acceptance of the money are on video. Continue reading


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