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Neo ‘Iron curtain’ and the loud marching steps.

The Neo ‘Iron Curtain’ and the loud marching steps of  televangelistas.

Bradistan Calling

The latest cultural trend is the sensational rise of televangelist channels in U.K, using tactics which can only be described as ‘emotional and religious blackmail’ and premium rate phone charges to raise funds from devotees, most of these are Nigerian Pentecostal ‘Witchdoctor’  (faith healer potions and exorcisms) TV channels operating from London. Generally the term ‘televangelist’ refers to American evangelical splinter churches propagating to solicit donations for converting poor Africans. This concoction of ideologies is being beamed back to Africa and Asia through satellite. Continue reading


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Bollywood,Reality TV and Indian secularism

Bradistan Calling

Indian TV has seen numerous Bollywood reality shows, competition where common boys (and occasionally girls) have won places on movies by top directors. The Show that I want to talk about is Bollywood, blind-date and arranged (and staged) marriage all rolled into one big media circus. Continue reading


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Another Interview

By Zia Ahmad


Making eye contact with words ending with a Y does not make you chinky. Making eye contact with a prospective employer in this pure land of ours doesn’t do you any favors.  At best it only makes the tongue of your mind go flat for some brief period of time. Continue reading

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Ifti Nasim: Muslim and Gay?

By Bradistan Calling

Ifti Nasim also known as Iftikhar Nasim is a pioneering Pakistani gay poet who now lives in the U.S. He has written many books of poetry in Urdu and English languages. He has also written prose in both languages. Continue reading


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V.S.Naipaul: Misogyny, Mistresses and Sadism*

By Geoffrey Levy

Bigoted, arrogant, vicious, racist, a woman-beating misogynist and sado-masochist — the Nobel laureate Sir VS Naipaul has not turned a hair since this uniquely ugly list of traits was laid bare about him some months ago.

But then, again, it was he who allowed the descriptions of himself to be detailed by his authorised biographer Patrick French.

Almost mockingly, and perhaps even enjoying the notoriety, Naipaul set off for Africa and is now back at Dairy Cottage, his red-brick home in a Wiltshire hamlet, calmly writing about the journey for his next book. Continue reading


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Just a Man

Zarah K has contributed this stirring poem – She wrote: “having observed the recent trend on PTH, I thought I should make a “feminist” contribution of my own. I’m no poet so I’m afraid it is amateurish… and also a bit edgy.” Zarah your edginess is most endearing and we will share it here… (Raza Rumi)

i am a man not a mensche
don’t expect me to see beyond
your broken heart,
your broken hymen

feed me your vulnerability,
and the ravages of your vulgarity,
i am a vulture i am Vulcan,
venerate me, burn for me

godless, shameless,
you lie naked on my prayer mat
tonight, all night, i will call you my hoor
tomorrow i will call you a whore

because, can’t you see?
i have a birthright to this hypocrisy,
for your soft secrets to caress only me,
for the power to call it your depravity

remember i am a man, just a man,
don’t expect me to see beyond
your broken heart,
your broken hymen


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