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PTH exclusive: Interview with Lionel Ross

Dil Nawaz has conducted this exclusive interview with Lionel Ross”Men of Conviction” for PTH.

“Men of Conviction” tells the fascinating tale of three desperate and disparate young men, released from prison on the same day. They are Hussein, the Islamist preacher of Jihad, Wayne the burglar and Dovid the religious Jew and ‘one offence fraudster’. “Men of Conviction” is their story over the ensuing ten years. Hussein, predictably, builds a shadowy Jihadist organisation with the intention, through terrorism, of creating the Caliphate of Britannia under Shari’a law. Wayne is determined to change his life and almost accidentally finds himself the owner of a chain of Massage Parlours. By his previous standards, this is the path to wealth and respectability! Dovid, on the other hand, with the aid of his wealthy grandfather, becomes a successful property developer. The action takes place in such contrasting locations as 21st century Manchester, Istanbul, Afghanistan, Belfast and  breakaway Islamic republic of Terkenstan . The contemporary background to the plots ensures the airing of such issues as Islamist and Irish terrorism, religious intolerance and drug trade. The main characters are easily recognised as typical members of today’s British multi-cultural society. As the cataclysmic ending approaches, the paths of the three main characters are destined to cross again in an epic and amazing ending.
About the Author
Lionel Ross was born in 1935 and lives in Manchester, England with his wife Luise. He has two sons and six grandchildren. He originally worked in textiles but is now a full-time author and publisher. His first novel ‘Fine Feathers,’ was originally published by Publish America in 2005 and received considerable critical acclaim.

Mr. Ross, Thank you for talking to Pak Tea House. It was a delight reading Men of Conviction(MOC).
Q: it is an interesting introduction to multicultural and multi-religious streets of north of England with its mean and cruel underworld. With The Baghdad Declaration and now MOC, are thrillers your favourite genre ? Continue reading


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