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Pakistan’s Costly Controversy

 Nirupama Subramanian – Op-Ed, The Hindu 27 Oct 2009

The dust has settled somewhat over the Kerry-Lugar Bill. It has been signed by United States President Barack Obama and is now the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009. In Pakistan, the protests against the conditions attached to the legislation enabling an annual $1.5 billion non-military aid have quietened down. Continue reading


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Poem: Baba, Mujhko Dar Lugta Hai!

I received this poem in one of the Email FWD.It is in Urdu titled ” Baba, Mujhko Dar Lugta Hai”…Its a beautiful poem- a poem to reflect how children see the situation around them and how these children willing to trade in their presents to avoid this danger.

I wanted to keep the originality of the poem in translation. So its a very simple translation. I did add two lines in the end. Once you have read the Urdu version, you will know where I made the addition in its English version.

Baba Mujhko Darr lagta hai

My teacher informs me
All children to remain
At home, and study there!

I have heard
A monster of a man
With black moustache
Will explode the bomb here
All children will die!!

Why are they going to kill us?
What is our mistake?
Why angry they are with us?

Shall I give him my doll?
Or all my rainbow colours from the blue box
The one I received from you, the present
On my last birthday

Or my hair band, the beautiful one
Imbued in red, with butterflies
Shall I give him that one as well!
Will that be enough for this man?
Not to kill us

Remember Baba, my hands,
The old injury, once
The excruciating pain
As little blood flowed through
Torrents of rain in my eyes

What is this bomb like?
Will the damage be huge?
Will it hurt more?
I guess the pain will be more
Baba, will I be there to cry for
My own pain or will you?
Baba, fearful I am of this monster!



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India’s Pakistan Question

We posted Rajmohan Gandhi’s piece for Dawn a couple of days ago. Here’s what Coomi Kapoor wrote in the Indian Express on the same day:

Stop the obsession with Pakistan!

Out of the mouth of a babalog politician recently came words that warmed my heart. “We are giving too much importance to Pakistan. It is just a small piece of land, India can’t be compared with Pakistan” was Rahul Gandhi’s wise comment to the media in Shimla. Continue reading


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Let Us Return To The Kindergarten

A Poem by F S Aijazuddin, written in the summer of 2003.


Let us return to the kindergarten of 1947.

Let us learn another alphabet,

un-form words, deconstruct sentences,

erase paragraphs that have lidless form

but contain no meaning, Continue reading


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Drone Attacks Help Pakistan TV Hosts Fan Distrust of U.S.

By Naween A. Mangi and Farhan Sharif

Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) — Pakistani talk show host Waheed Hussain interrupted a guest discussing the U.S.-led Friends of Democratic Pakistan, which had pledged $5.3 billion in aid to the nation. “You mean foes of Pakistan,” Hussain said.

In the same Oct. 8 Waqt News program, Hussain stopped another guest who was talking about a bill by U.S. Senators John Kerry and Richard Lugar to triple non-military aid, subject to curbs including an end to army support for terrorists. Continue reading


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This Unnatural Obsession With Sex

by YLH

While  the terrorists that Our Mullahs provided the ideological basis for and helped create continue to wreak havoc on Pakistan – a country whose creation the Mullah-in-chief Maududi had doggedly opposed and had worked to weaken throughout his miserable, pathetic and parasitic existence –  it should be placed on record what flute our Maududian Neroes are playing while Rome burns.  Continue reading


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Islam’s Darwin Problem

By Drake Bennett in the Boston Globe

Three weeks ago, with much fanfare, a team of scientists unveiled the fossil skeleton of Ardi, a 4-foot-tall female primate who lived and died 4.4 million years ago in what is now Ethiopia. According to her discoverers, Ardi – short for Ardipithecus ramidus, her species – is our oldest known ancestor. She predated Lucy, the fossilized Australopithecus afarensis that previously had claimed the title, by 1.2 million years. The papers announcing the find described a transitional specimen, with the long arms and short legs of an ape and strong, grasping big toes suited to life in the trees, but also a pelvis whose shape allowed her to walk upright on the ground below. Continue reading


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