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Drowning In Rage

This is a short story sent to us by D. Asghar

Writer’s Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, all names and places except Lahore and Anarkali are imaginary. Any resemblance to a person, living or dead is merely a coincidence. The story revolves around the recent floods in Pakistan, but does not depict the actual facts surrounding that event.

“Idrees, Naajia, Sughra….Idrees, Naajia Sughra.” I yelled and then woke up again. Karam Din came to me and said the same thing; he had repeatedly told me every time I had this nightmare. He murmured, “Brother your family is with GOD Almighty, they are looking for you, as much as you are for them.” He had me drink something and I felt lifeless.

 “Baba….get me the bangles from Anarkali this time, when you are there.” My princess of a daughter, Naajia requested. “Baba get me a cricket bat.” Her younger brother, my 5 year old son, Idrees lodged his request as well. “Of course I will get you your bangles Naajia and Puttar Idrees I will get you a cricket bat.” I grabbed both of them and hugged them tightly. Sughra came out of the tiny cube of a kitchen and stared at me and said, “Are you leaving Ji. Please be careful as it has started to rain.” All I could say was, “Yes I know.” She handed me my lunch in a Tiffin box and I grabbed it. She handed me my umbrella and I left.

 The bus took me from my village, Kot Kangha to Lahore. The rain started to get heavy. My one hour journey from Kot Kangha to Lahore turned out to be two and a half hours. Everyone in the bus was happy, that GOD had finally sent the much needed rain. The fields along the way were getting greener. My heart was racing with happiness, it is happening. The angels of heaven are showing their ultimate mercy on us. The bus had workers like me headed to Lahore. One of them started to sing a Punjabi song about rain and some others joined in.

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