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A panic-proof resolve: Rajmohan Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson wrote in the Dawn of 26 Oct, 2009…

Let me start this piece with a declaration of faith. As an Indian who knows the neighbouring country, I affirm that Pakistan has enough courage, commonsense and diligence in its people to survive the tough challenge it faces. Continue reading


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Sense and Sensibilities on Pakistan

T N MADAN comments in the Economic & Political Weekly on Farzana Sheikh’s Making Sense of Pakistan

Ideological, identity and policy confusions have marked Pakistan from the moment of its birth till the present. Much of the country’s domestic problems and its international relations can be explained through this confusion. While Jinnah was successful in wresting a state, he never invested efforts into building the nation. Therefore, there is no consensus over what Pakistan represents. Farzana Shaikh’s Making Sense of Pakistan is a brave attempt to understand these confusions and can be a resource for those who want to rescue this Partition twin from its present conditions. Continue reading

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Kerry Lugar Bill and Pakistan’s Internal Power Game

The views expressed by the author are not necessarily those of PTH

by Ali Malik

The cat is out of the bag. Pakistan is heading for the most decisive moment of its political history. The issue at stake is not merely the survival of PPP government but also of future direction of Pakistani politics, foreign policy and social fabric. What bothers me the most is that all the debate around this bill is mere rhetoric. The opponents of this bill in Pakistan are playing on rhetoric and have no substance to offer. Not even one article or discussion has actually pointed to the sections of the bill on which the opponents of the bill have objections. The usual buzz words of ghairat, sovereignty etc are used without substantiating the points of contention in the bill. Continue reading

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