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Pakistan: democratic governance is the only way forward

by Raza Rumi
Given the average shelf life of any civilian government, it is almost miraculous that the incumbent government has survived and there are signs that its removal is not immediate. The longevity of civilian order has less to do with the inherent strengths of its style of governance or delivery of public goods that it had promised in its manifesto. The survival of this government is an outcome of the lack of options for the establishment as well as its international allies, notably the Western powers. Leaving the conspiracy theories and the excessive over-reliance of the analysts on the American factor, we can safely argue that the military establishment of Pakistan and its intelligence agencies has found themselves in a unique situation since the assumption of the presidency by Asif Ali Zardari.

The truth is that Pakistan People’s Party, an anathema to the civil-military bureaucracy, has assumed the most important and powerful offices that a civilian government can aspire for. Two years ago, when the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani was Continue reading


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Going the Wrong Way about Doing the Right Thing

By B. Civilian

The full bench of the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan unanimously declared the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) null and void, ab initio. In view of the unpopularity of the Ordinance, the PPP government had virtually disowned it over the last few weeks. The Federation decided not to defend it in the court, again, regardless of one of its lawyers insinuating that there was a threat to ‘rule of law’ from “CIA and the GHQ” (statements which the lawyer later withdrew as his own rather than his client’s view).

Pakistan is in the process of transitioning from being a military dictatorship to becoming a democracy. It’s a difficult transition for any country, let alone for one which has attempted such a transition at least twice before, without much success. But today Pakistan is waging two definitive wars at the same time – one for democracy and the other against terrorism. The latter is often described as an existential war. We are trying to define ourselves at the same time as we are trying to ‘exist’; survive and prevail over those murdering us on a daily basis. Continue reading


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Our haunting demons

By Ardeshir Cowasjee  | Dawn | 13 Dec, 2009

 This title is taken from a Dec 5 New York Times column by Sabrina Tavernise discussing the national state of denial coupled with schizophrenia which makes it difficult for the world to come to terms with Pakistan.

As for this present regime, it is not repressive, it is not a dictatorship, it is not a democracy. Well, what is it? A hotchpotch concocted out of a wickedly mutilated and ravaged constitution of which few can make sense. It is something that the United States, in its finite wisdom, decided suits its ultimate aim for control of this corner of the globe — as President Barack Obama more or less put it — at a cost affordable to the US and in place for as long as it serves the US national interest — no permanent friends, no permanent enemies (President George Washington). So, until the cost becomes prohibitive and the US national interest wanes, we are stuck with what we have. Continue reading

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Pakistan’s Super Anchors

By Bilal Qureshi

                         با دوستان هایی از این دشمنان ما نیاز ندارد.

The meeting between Pakistan’s ‘super anchors’ and Hillary Clinton was, well, disastrous, not for America or Clinton, but for these talk show hosts.

Hillary was calm, controlled, measured and she answered all sorts of questions thoroughly and intelligently. Continue reading


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Anchorless Rambling

By Raza Rumi

p9b We did it again. A hallmark of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Pakistan was her meeting with the stars of the Pakistani media – the all-knowing anchors who have taken it upon themselves to be the “representatives” of Pakistan. Forget the President elected by all the legislatures, the Prime Minister who enjoys the confidence of the National Assembly, and even the Foreign Minister, who at the end of the day was elected from a constituency with a huge majority and nominated by the ruling party. Continue reading


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Hamid Mir “Successfully Defends” Iqbal’s “Honor” Against Outrage By “Liberal Fascists”


A young female student from the Quaid-e-Azam University recently put the rabble-rouser-cum-tv anchor  Hamid Mir in his place by telling him and his rhetoric on Kerry Lugar Bill to take a hike.  That Hamid Mir is a joke is well known to everyone but it is Hamid Mir’s response that should worry every reasonable Pakistani. Continue reading


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Khan-Ahmed Bill

Pakistan to Provide Massive Foreign Aid to the American People

  gulnaseeb121 HafizRashid12

The Bill’s sponsors seen here promoting friendship between the United States and Pakistan

 Islamabad: The Pakistani Parliament today signed into law the Khan-Ahmed Bill – proper title the Enhanced Partnership with America Act (EPA) 2009 – to promote the un-wielding, life-long, and un-testable relationship between the people of Pakistan with the democratic institutions and military of the United States of America. The bill, sponsored by Senators Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan from NWFP and Senator Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed from FATA, was unanimously signed into law amidst hollering and fist-thumping jubilation in the Senate, and demonstrates the ‘undying commitment’ of Pakistan’s support for the United States. Despite the passage of the bill, however, there have been widespread demonstrations against the bill by the American public, calling it a ‘slap in the face’ and ‘peanuts.’ Continue reading


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