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Waziristan Musician Prays for Taliban Defeat

From Dawn Online Friday, 23 Oct, 2009

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Mohammad Akbar says he prays every day for the Pakistani army to crush the Taliban so he can make sweet music once more without fearing for his life.

‘They smashed it into pieces and warned me of serious consequences if I ever played it again,’ said Akbar as he recalled the day two years ago that the Islamists forced him to give a recital of his rubab — a traditional lute-like instrument that is popular in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

‘I recite from the Holy Koran every morning and pray for the success of the military operation and when they are defeated I will buy another rubab,’ he said. Continue reading


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Disturbing Déjà Vu

by Shaheryar Azhar, moderator, The Forum

The following article by Barbara Crossette was pubished in February 1, 1991 in the New York Times. Few lessons stand out in stark relief:

1. The Pakistan army was on the wrong side of history in the first Gulf War as it is today on the Kerry-Lugar bill.

2. The emotional Pakistani public and media, then as now, are always eager to jump on Army’s bandwagon abandoning in a heart beat all pretense at reason, logic and reality. Continue reading


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How the clergy wanted Sir Syed beheaded

How the clergy wanted Sir Syed beheaded

Published in Times of India

Arif Mohammed Khan is a former Union minister


Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the first Muslim voice of reform in India. He emerged on the scene at a time when Indian Muslim society was sunk in obscurantism and inertia and showed no desire to struggle out of its medieval grooves. The unwholesome influence of clergy had made them view modern education as incompatible with and hostile to religion.

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Finally Waziristan…

Bilal Qureshi

Finally, the operation in Wazristan is under way, thank God. Pakistan is doing a good job of clearing every place that was a safe heaven for the nuts in and around Pakistan. Now, policy makers in Pakistan should not focus on achieving short term military objective. This war is not going to be easy and a lot of people believe that this is a generational issue as for as defeating the Taliban threat.
Obviously the military is going to easily defeat those who are going to take up arms against the army in Wazirstan, or at the very least, it is hoped that the army is going to defeat them. However, after the military moves out, how will the civilian population going to react to the future Talibans interested in making Wazirstan their home again? This is a very important question and I Continue reading


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