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The Dishonest Crooks of Our Urdu Press

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Ladies and gentlemen I have long harped on about the paucity of honesty, integrity, intellect and just common sense that is common place in our Urdu Press.   Needless to say the googlies of people like Hamid Mir,  Oria Jaan Maqbool,  Javed Chaudhry etc can make anyone’s headspin.   A Lahore based English weekly has a special section dedicated to  the bloopers of the Urdu press which is comment enough on such matters. Continue reading



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Turf Wars

Why Pakistan’s military hates America’s new aid package.


To the surprise of many Americans, Pakistan does not seem too excited at the prospect of receiving U.S. aid. The conditions in the Kerry-Lugar bill, which would provide Pakistan with $7.5 billion in economic aid over the next five years, have been derided by Pakistani opposition parties as “humiliating.” The Pakistani daily Dawn even reported that Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, will be replaced due to his role in negotiating the bill. The armed forces are also not too pleased with the assistance package. Last week, the military high command urged the civilian government to review the aid package and the conditions that Islamabad must meet to qualify for receiving financial assistance. The generals would like the government of President Asif Ali Zardari to renegotiate the deal with Washington. If they do not, many in Pakistan think relations between the civilian government and the military might get tense. Continue reading


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The Undefined Equilibrium between Pakistan and Islam. Part 4: The Unsustainable Equilibrium

By Adnan Syed
Throughout Pakistani history, the nation has struggled with two basic questions:
1)      Pakistan was attained in the name of Islam. What does this mean?
2)      Did Pakistan fulfill the objectives of Two Nation Theory within the United India? It seems that Pakistan resulted in a rather bifurcated Indian Muslim polity.
Both questions are delicately intertwined. A right wing religious leader will pounce on both statements and proclaim that the resulting Muslim Pakistan justifies a total promulgation of Islam across all spheres of the Pakistani society. The personal and civil code named Shariah and the Quranic injunctions should be the sole basis of all laws of the land. Pakistan and Islam are the same, at an individual level, as well as the state level. Continue reading


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