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Pakistan Attacks Show Tightening of Militant Links


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A wave of attacks against top security installations over the last several days demonstrated that the Taliban, Al Qaeda and militant groups once nurtured by the government are tightening an alliance aimed at bringing down the Pakistani state, government officials and analysts said. Continue reading

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On Kerry-Lugar bill

Like everyone else, I too was taken aback by the fierce opposition to the Kerry Lugar bill. Not sure what the fuss is about, I decided to read about it. So, I read everything that was available on-line about the bill. During my research, I realized that the government of Pakistan has done nothing wrong. It is an aid bill, conceived and finalized by a foreign government to help Pakistan. And, there is nothing new in this bill that Pakistan has not seen or dealt with before. Continue reading


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The Undefined Equilibrium between Pakistan and Islam. Part 1: The Uneasy Equilibrium

by Adnan Syed

Note: This four part writeup on Islam and its vague relationship to Pakistan has its genesis in information exchange done in the comments section of the post “Pakistan’s Corrected Approach to deal with Taliban Thugs” during the month of September. I am thankful to YLH, Bonobashi, PMA, BC and many more for giving ideas about this writeup.

From 1947 onwards, most would agree that Pakistan lurched from one crisis to another.  A quick summary of Pakistanis history since its birth would probably read as follows.

Partition massacres left a deep scar on Pakistani psyche. Its towering founder who singlehandedly resurrected the Muslim League in a period of 10 years, and combined the diverse and often split Muslim electorate under the Muslim League umbrella, died too soon. India refused to hold referendum in Kashmir on extremely dubious grounds and a small scale war ensued where Pakistan got 1/3rd of the Kashmiri territory while India kept the rest. The first Prime Minister was shot dead within four years of independence, but not before he introduced the controversial “Objectives Resolution” that introduced the first state sanctioned religious theme into the affairs of the state and its future constitution. Continue reading


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