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Terror’s Training Ground

By Ayesha Siddiqa

A few years ago, I met some young boys from my village near Bahawalpur who were preparing to go on jihad. They smirked politely when I asked them to close their eyes and imagine their future. “We can tell you without closing our eyes that we don’t see anything.”

It was not entirely surprising. South Punjab is a region mired in poverty and underdevelopment. There are few job prospects for the youth. Continue reading


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What Happened with Kerry-Lugar

By David Ignatius

It’s a classic example of the law of unintended consequences: Congress triples its assistance to Pakistan as part of a deepening strategic relationship. But members of Congress, always eager to tell other countries what to do, insert conditions that Pakistanis find insulting. Continue reading

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Pakistan’s Partial War on Terror

The deadly results of cooperation with terrorists.


The past week’s spate of suicide bombings in Pakistan and the siege of its military headquarters are again casting the spotlight on that country’s war on terror. Attention will—and should—focus in particular on Islamabad’s many failures to control militants on its own soil. Continue reading


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Attack on GHQ should lead to immediate policy shift

Bilal Qureshi

Why is there so much commotion about the attack on the GHQ in Pakistan? Come on, please; did we not know that the Taliban are a threat to everything Pakistan?
Regretfully, there is still support for the Taliban in the country. I was watching Ijaz-Ul-Haq, son of Zia, one of the worst dictators in Pakistan’s history argue on TV that the government should not launch any offensive against the Taliban. Instead, he argued, shamelessly, that Pakistan should not fight America’s war.  Before I get to Ijaz’s despicable argument, I must say a word about the role of media in Pakistan.
I don’t understand why is (electronic) media in Pakistan determined to support the Taliban? I mean, if the producers, or the anchors working for TV Channels in Pakistan don’t like the United States, fine, they are entitled to their opinion. But to deliberately destroy, or support those who are attacking Pakistan from within, just because America is engaged in battle with the Taliban or the followers of Osama is something that the country must not accept. Continue reading


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