Benazir – a poem by Harris Khalique


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  1. iditis

    An English translation please…

  2. That last shair/couplet deserves to stand on its own. The kind of thing that becomes a slogan, a motto, an inspiration on its own…

  3. Id it is

    I will put up a translation

    Sabahat: well said

  4. Although it is , i dont sure first poetry for Muhtarma ,but it is enough to describe her struggle through eight lines nazam.

  5. sherryx

    An exceptionally beautiful piece of poetry, the textual tension is hallmark of all the poetry that has been written on Benazir Bhutto. Just like her father, she was the only political figure in Pakistan who became the part of literature, in every case she defied the “structures” in which she was being identified. The conscious awareness of this fact led to a visible textual tension in the works written on her esp after 88. When she was being hailed as “Nehati Larki”, Radical Socialist daughter of a revolutionary father, she was coming to terms with failure of Eastern Block. Shifting towards the Socialist International’s “New Socialism”. With this she was abondened as a “revisionist”, what emerged was “Hur Bilawal he des ka Maqrooz, Paon Nange he Benaziron ke–“. But that was Jalib who atleast never for a second took her and PPP out of the context from Libertarian struggle in Pakistan. This historicist link is steadily vanishing due to Right Wing monopoly on Political and Public discourse in Pakistan. When she was being cautiously criticized in poetry she frequently challenged her critics by her very strong Anti establishment politics, the results were poems which were supposed to be critical but which in reality justified her reformist turn, It was than the allegory of “Princess” was coined , a princess who is a prisoner of treacherous and evil aids , Parveen Shakir’s “Shahzadi” stands out as a perfect example . Benazir spent last two decades of her life trying to reassure people to trust her thought and method. But she was made victim of one of most effective Media Trials ever in history. Her exceptional bravery was her final revenge, unlike most hereos of the media who choose to remain silent and let this country burn in fire of Suicide Bombings she took stand and despite the unilateral propaganda against her on TV screens, she was greeted by millions . When Dr Mubashir Hassan was filing petitions against NRO, 170 of those for whom Mubasshir Hassan had once formed PPP , were showering their lives to protect her. When the fist blast was done at Karsaz to clear the field , they ran towards the truck to save her and get killed. Dawns reporter later wrote “the mothers were saying , if we had another son we would have gived him too to save Benazir”. She knew and she went to the people despite warnings. She went and she died with them just as they have always been dying for her father, her brother and herself. That was her final revenge , to make all those who made their careers on defaming her, her father and her legacy, bomb their heads and sing her songs. And this makes the mood of the poems which emerged on her assassination , the ones which seek to look into eyes of critics and say look what i have done!!!

    Jo sub kehte he rahe yun hi, chalo hum kur keh dekhate hein—-

    Its revenge of Benazir and its revenge of the classes which followed her. That is also the mood of Fehmida’s Riaz “Salam”.

  6. Ali

    Peotry is very good. But do you think that our politicians deserve it? Are they sincere enough with our country? Jis country k politicians sincere houn us country ka aisa haal hota hai jo Pakistan ka pechley 60 saalou me hua hai ???? !!!!!