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An Interview With Ilyas Kashmiri

Here at PTH, we find we have usually got better things to do than to try and delve into the mind of a terrorist. But they say it is important to know your enemy. In mid-September, there were reports that an important ‘Al-Qaeda commander’ Ilyas Kashmiri had been killed by an American drone attack in North Waziristan. These reports turned out to be false. Here is an interview the wanted man gave to Asia Time’s Syed Saleem Shahzad a few days ago. The claims and views expressed below are the author’s and/or as reported by him. PTH does not necessarily share these views nor are we in a position to confirm or disprove the veracity of any alleged facts – PTH.

He invited this correspondent to a secret hideout in the South Waziristan-Afghanistan border area, where drones regularly fly overhead. This is Ilyas’ first-ever media interaction since he joined al-Qaeda in 2005. He is a veteran commander from the struggle with India over divided Kashmir. Continue reading


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