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The Military’s Ideology

By Ayesha Siddiqa

The country’s ruling elite and the military have traditionally used a particular aspect of religion to gain strategic dividends. —File Photo

PAKISTAN observers often wonder what the Pakistan military’s primary ideology is. Is it a secular institution or one which is high on religious values? Since the military is considered the strongest institution of the Pakistani state, the question becomes critical in determining what direction the country will take or how its armed forces will fight the war on terror. Continue reading


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The Obama Plan to Radically Remake Pakistan

IN AN UNUSUAL MOVE, the Pakistani military on Wednesday publicly criticized the Kerry-Lugar Bill — a five-year, multibillion-dollar U.S. aid package recently approved by Congress and now awaiting President Barack Obama’s signature. The military’s motivation is simple: The aid package is designed to limit the Pakistani military’s role in governance. It stipulates that the aid is contingent upon the U.S. secretary of state’s certification that, among other things Continue reading


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Congratulations US President Obama

By Yasser Latif Hamdani on behalf of the PTH Team

Congratulations are in order for the US president Barack Hussain Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.   We hope that he will now work towards bringing peace to Pakistan and resolving the Kashmir Dispute once and for all. Continue reading


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Pak Army’s Objection to US Aid Not a Threat to Zardari Govt: US

The Obama Administration believes that there is no threat to the democratically elected Government in Islamabad in view of the Pakistani Army’s public opposition to the Kerry Lugar Bill which is not in line with the official position of the Zardari Government.

“I don’t think it is a threat to to the civilian government in Pakistan,” Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs told reporters when asked about the differences that has emerged between the army and the Zardari Government on the Kerry-Lugar Bill. Continue reading

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Confessions of a ‘Reluctant Anti-Americanist’.

Bradistan Calling

Certain brands define the love-hate relationship that Pakistan has had with the United States of America over the past 60 years. America has been the biggest and most advanced ‘Superpower’ of the world. American technology, capital markets and economy is the biggest in the world. Pakistan as a third world country needs investment and technology for development.

Pakistan needed allies and military hardware after its traumatic birth and found a willing patron in United States of America. I will not try and re-write Tariq Ali’s critically acclaimed book ‘Pakistan on the flight path of American Power’. Now the American and Pakistani right-wingers are having an acrimonious divorce over ‘Black Water’ and ‘Predator’ drones, ‘never wash your dirty laundry in public’ is the sane advice. Pakistani right-wingers love to hate Americans and the American right-wingers love to assume that all Pakistanis are ‘terrorists’. Continue reading


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Self-Appointed Custodians of Self-Defined National Security

By Usman Sadozai

The Pakistan Army has taken the unusual step of officially expressing concern and apprehension about the Kerry-Lugar Bill, at the end of the 122nd Corps Commanders Conference. The communiqué is a poorly disguised warning. It’s a transgression by the military and poses a challenge to the fragile and nascent democracy that it could have done without. One of the concerns that the military wishes to address, it is claimed by analysts, is to give out the message to the Pakistani public that its Army does not take orders from Washington. Continue reading


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