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Faisal Naseem Chauhdry

Over the last two years, the most frequent as well as favorite jingles that have been repeatedly pounding the ears were ‘basic structure’ of the Constitution, and ‘morality’ of Parliamentarians. The erstwhile President of the Supreme Court Bar Association had also been making noteworthy contributions in this chorus which further contributed to the disintegration and decay of Professional Group, mainly a Group from Lahore with twenty years of extreme hardwork put in by Mr. Hamid Khan. Unexpected outcome is not tragedy. Tragedy is when you know that a certain strategy will lead to disaster but you can’t help yourself and keep marching in that direction. Continue reading


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Masoom logon ki masoom khawaishain Aur Mirza Ghalib

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

  • Sarah Khan says:

    Raza Raja and Raza Rumi,

    May I ask if any one of the following abused your editor (YLH)?

    Ali Arqam
    Wajahat Masood
    Muhammad Ali
    and several other commentators in this thread

    Did you read the language he used against me?

    Your editor has a long history of resorting to verbal diarrhoea, particularly when his argument is defeated.

    By consistently failing to control his editor’s diarrhoea, Raza Rumi may be seen as a complicit in this behaviour!

    I agree with the above suggestion that PTH and Raza Rumi must steer clear of YLH or be prepared to accept a decline in their credibility and respect. Continue reading


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    Setting the Record Straight: What it Really Means to be A Critical Supporter

    Raza Habib Raja

    At times, you know it when the bait is thrown to you to infuriate you and draw you into needless argument. And yet you take the bait, because the resulting “duel’ gives you the opportunity to set the record straight. If you consider yourself as a political activist and you pursue politics with passion, you would naturally hate it when your good intentions are doubted upon and when despite clear evidence to the contrary you are branded as a bigot or (if you are really lucky) as a “confused” wannabe liberal.

    I have always believed that the greatest sign of maturity is to pass statements, particularly of strong nature, only when you have full information. And even if you have information, one should still be cautious while interpreting intentions of those who differ from us. Most importantly, as mature human beings we need to realize that not all who differ from us are enemies, bigoted, pseudo liberal or for that matter even less intelligent than us. In social sciences the room for disagreement, even if you belong to same side of the political spectrum is quite substantial. I have said it before in my articles and now I am forced to reiterate it again: You can be critical about some steps and decisions of a mainstream political party and still be a supporter. If you do that then you will actually be a REAL critical supporter of that party. And yes you can even oppose a mainstream liberal party and yet be a liberal. Liberalism is not defined by outright and unconditional support of any party.

    It’s really unfortunate that I have to write this post but frankly I was left with no choice. Our editor Raza Rumi published an article which condemned the treatment which Sherry Rehman received. After publishing of the article, he and other PTH authors are being made target of a slandering campaign where they are being branded as bigots, pseudo liberals, burgers, closet conservatives and even Taliban supporters. Continue reading


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    More on the Sherry Rehman saga – LUBP Wallahs and PTH

    By Ali K Chishti

    For quite sometime, I had been reading all the posts from PTH and LUBP on Sherry Rehman and the PPP by YLH, Raza Rumi, Adil Najam, Qudsia Siddiqui and the rest of the crowd and although I tend to keep away from writing on the subject, I am encouraged or rather forced to write on actually what’s happening. I could obviously be wrong but I as usual will try my best to put in factual accounts and would welcome a civilized non-branding debate afterwards.
    Sherry Rehman’s Resignation/Sacking,

    Continue reading


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    The (misplaced) Wrath of the LUBP hardliners

    By Yasser Latif Hamdani

    (Our friends at LUBP have asked us to respond to their libel with an open mind. In other words they can abuse us and lie about us but we should refrain from telling the truth about them. Ah well. I’ll try and keep it minimal so as to not offend the large egos and small minds that operate that website.)

    A new breed of Jiyalas has emerged in the PPP which has nothing to do with the old PPP Jiyala who battled first the establishment backed 9 Stars (of which ANP was also a part) in 1977, Zia’s dictatorship (from which leading lights of ANP got medals and awards) and then Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N in the 1990s (with which ANP formed a coalition government). Today ANP activists and ethnofascists under the guise of PPP act like PPP’s most loyal activists. They stand for everything that PPP stood against and these are the same people who aided and abetted the judicial murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

    Somebody forgot to give Jamaat e Islami and the Daily Ummat wallahs the memo our friends at LUBP are privy to. It has been declared that I Yasser Latif Hamdani am:

    1. Pro-Judiciary
    2. Pro-Jamaat e Islami
    3. Anti-PPP
    4. Storm trooper and right-winger
    5. An Imran Khan supporter
    Could Qudsia please write to Daily Ummat and get them off my back please? Continue reading


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    The Mush Show In New York

    The Big Apple was set on fire by the revolutionary speech of our former President Musharraf. Mr. Musharraf has been at the offensive firing salvos at his arch rival, former PM, Nawaz Sharif at any place, he is able to attract a crowd.

    Barely less than 2 years after his resignation, Mr. Musharraf thinks that Pakistan is in deep slumber. Musharraf Sahib rubbished the idea of facing any courts on his return to Pakistan. By the way, NS Sahib wants to try Mr. Musharraf for violating the constitution and declaring the “phony emergency.” Mush Sahib was defiant, and felt that NS will never be able to reach the level of Premier ship, hence the trial was completely out of question. Read these lines very carefully, as there seems to be a tacit admission of guilt here. Continue reading


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