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Pak Tea House vs Let Us Build Pakistan: Just another talk show?

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(This is a very interesting blog that appeared in Express Tribune today regarding PakTeaHouse v. Critical PPP blog wars. I don’t agree with the central theme for reasons already enumerated but no publicity is bad publicity- YLH)
Salman Latif 13 hours ago

Our blogosphere needs to adopt the ethics of dissident discourse.

A debate recently ensued between Pak Tea House (PTH) and Let Us Rebuild Pakistan (LUBP), two eminent blogzines of the Pakistani blogosphere.

 It started when the former criticised Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) over its handling of the disciplinary violation of party regulations by Sherry Rehman. LUBP accused PTH authors of wrongly exaggerating the facts and giving PPP a bad name without a valid reason. Hot words were exchanged and name-calling was indulged in from both sides, making it quite a spectacle for the readers. Eventually, after a number of fierce posts, from both ends, the matter came to end with apologies. Continue reading


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Tehreek-e-Insaf condemns Punjab Government for its treatment of minorities

At the risk of being branded “Imran Khan supporter” again, one must appreciate the condemnation of Punjab Government by Tehreek-e-Insaaf vis a vis the minorities: Continue reading


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Professor Samuel Burke

Samuel Burke
6:31PM GMT 17 Nov 2010  

Courtesy Telegraph.  While we keep crucifying Christians and burning them on the stake, here is the obituary of one of the finest Pakistani patriots who passed away recently. Shame on all the Mullahs who insist on this draconian and inhuman blasphemy law.

After retirement from the diplomatic service he became an academic in the United States, publishing a number of books on the history of India and the politics of Pakistan.

Samuel Martin Burke was born on July 3 1906 at Martinpur, a small Christian village near Faisalabad in what is now Pakistan. His father was the headmaster of a school and wrote poems under the pseudonym Burq (“lightning” in Urdu), which was adopted as the family’s surname. Exceptionally bright, Samuel took a first class degree in History and a masters at the Government College of Lahore before passing the Indian Civil Service (ICS) exams in 1931. Continue reading


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Clash of Civilisations: Killing of the Christians Vs Deporting the Muslims?

by Dil Nawaz

As a student of history, past week’s headlines have made grim readings for me personally, as I genuinely feel that there is a connection between both traditions of the Followers of the Books of Abraham.

56 killed in a Baghdad church and continuous attacks on Christian neighbourhoods of Iraq, Iraq’s Christian Orthodox Archbishop advising Christians to seek refuge in foreign countries, continued violence against religious minorities in Pakistan, allegations of religious discrimination in flood aid distribution and now Asia Bibi the 45 year old Christian woman sentence to death under blasphemy law in Pakistan for allegedly refusing to convert to Islam under the pressure of a Muslim cleric. Continue reading


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Jinnah’s Commitment to Liberalism

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