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The Truth About Balochistan

By Ejaz Haider

The situation in Balochistan is throwing up lies and half-truths. While partisans can’t be trusted with truth, what about some so-called libs whose favourite pastime is to find fault with the state without offering viable policy solutions? Continue reading


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Where we are?

—Yasser Latif Hamdani

From Daily Times:

Obama’s warming up to India has not gone down well with our super patriots, and rightly so. Despite 40 odd years of service to the US and now a decade-long alliance that has cost Pakistan many a life and limb, the US has now established a long-term strategic paradigm in South Asia, which sees India as a close ally and Pakistan as a nuisance at best.
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The blast that shook Karachi

by Kiran Nazish

Just moment before; over a cup of tea in the outside porch at Press Club, we were discussing the dilemma the city is in, with all those target killings and shit that’s going on in Karachi. There are so many dimension of a news that its gets confusing really to figure out who the real culprits are.
Hassan a senior journalist and a very old friend of mine, sounded as confused as I were. The confusion is very frustrating, we wondered aloud while stepping out.

Without a warning the earth started to shake. Literally!
A sudden rush of fear ran up and down our system while we saw a couple of dozen glass break down from the building right in front of us… The Lakson square right in front, the Banks on the right and the tall ones we could see at a distance while we stood at the gate of Press Club. Continue reading


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New Light on the Accuracy of the CIA’s Predator Drone Campaign in Pakistan

By Matthew Fricker, Avery Plaw and Brian Glyn Williams

Widely-cited reports of the inaccuracy and disproportionality of civilian to militant deaths in the CIA’s ongoing Predator drone campaign against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Pakistan are grossly misleading. The most detailed database compiled to date, assembled by the authors of this article, indicates (among other important findings) that the strikes have not only been impressively accurate, but have achieved and maintained a greater proportionality than either ground operations in the area or targeting campaigns elsewhere. [1]

This finding is striking because highly critical reports over the last year, emanating in particular from the Pakistani press, have impugned both the accuracy of the CIA’s drone strikes in the tribal areas of that country and the proportionality of the civilian collateral damage they cause. In April 2009, for example, the Pakistani daily The News published an article by terrorism expert Amir Mir reporting Predator strikes had killed only 14 high value al-Qaeda targets but were responsible for 687 civilian fatalities – a 1:49 ratio of terrorist to civilians (The News [Islamabad], April 10, 2009; see also Terrorism Monitor, February 19).  To put it another way, Mir’s report suggested that 98.14% of fatalities associated with the Predator strikes were civilians. On February 1 of this year, Mir added that Continue reading


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