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The Tyranny Of The Idiot Brigade

By D. Asghar

I was flabbergasted by the recent statements of Sunni Ittehad Council of Pakistan, warning of complete anarchy, in case if any blasphemy laws were repealed.

It is downright ridiculous to expect anything different from these idiots. Enough has been said and written about the recent case of Asiya Bibi. Of course any and everybody has weighed in on the case to gain maximum political mileage.

As much as it is denied, the hyper sensitivity of the religion in masses has brought us to this deplorable condition. It is rather comical to see us in such
a disarray in presence of such councils, which supposedly should bring various religious parties under an umbrella to create harmony. But in our country the words, clergy and harmony, are supposedly never aligned, no matter what.

Agreed that religion is a way of life, but we very often tend to forget that a way of life for personal betterment. When it becomes an enigma and most often in our case an obsession, then some correctness becomes absolutely necessary.

I have repeatedly stated on other forums in the past as well, that there is nothing wrong in the religion (s) for that matter. It is always the application of the religion, where the question becomes more murky and puzzling. My faith
regardless of what it is, is solely for my redemption in the hereafter.

The traditional opponents of Islam have a field day, when they see our idiotic fervor. The way our politicians cave in under pressure from religious zealots is equally pathetic. I agree with many here, who say that Jinnah’s Pakistan has
been hijacked by the all powerful clergy and their likes, who had vehemently opposed him in the past. Since Jinnah’s passing, they have wrong fully steered
his vision into this idiotic path of no return.

The bigger question that most emotionally charged Pakistanis and in most cases, most Muslims tend to over look is, can a Danish cartoonist, a Salman Rushdie, a
Face book page or even Asiya Bibi (assuming just for the sake of argument all allegations against her are correct), adversely impact the faith of billion plus people. Is Islam so weak that it cannot stand a negative comment or abuse? I don’t think so and many would agree with me.

The reverence of Islam’s Prophet can never be diminished by any frivolous allegation, ridicule or scorn. Many tried that at the dawn of this faith and through filth at our beloved Prophet PBUH. If Prophet PBUH was the vengeful
kind, he would have awarded the harshest punishment to his detractors. But it was not in his character to do so. Yes, if we really need a lesson to enhance our character, we need to emulate a fraction of his patience and perseverance.

The religious zealots have always used mis placed anger and passion to ignite the discord among various sects of the Muslims and Non Muslims for that matter. Again, when a following of a religious belief leads to killing of another human being on the basis of allegation and innuendo or for that matter disagreement, some correction is badly warranted.

In my humble opinion, it is not the law which is an issue here. Even if the law is reversed, the hyper religious forces will react negatively one way or the other. It is in the mental mould that, “my way or the highway.” The highway in this case means death in most cases.

It is high time that mental over haul of the masses is done in our land. This scribe in his previous scribbles has touched on some of the remedies that are badly needed to alter the corroded mind set. The foremost step that our nation needs to take is, to separate the religion from the state. By doing so Pakistan will not become “un-Islamic.” This will actually enhance and augment the true principles of our faith. The clergies must be awarded exemplary punishment who instigate violence in the name of our faith.

Tyranny of any sort, even of religion is harmful for the state. This is what our brigade of idiots fails to understand. The state has an equal obligation to its
citizens when it comes to life, liberty, rights and security. The rule of majority does not apply at that particular point. Some of my friends will call this all a liberal rant, but in fact it is not. It is a human assessment based on solid facts. We are deviating from the basis of our faith, sadly in the name of our faith.


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