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Ideological confusion amongst Neo-PPP diehards

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

(This post is solely my opinion. Other PTH editors, in particular maker-founder Raza Rumi and leading editor Raza Raja, have nothing to do with it. I want to make it clear so that they do not feel compulsively compelled to apologise on my behalf again- YLH)

A blog that is (un)critical of PPP, supports (un)secularism, defends organised religion and PPP’s policy of imposing Maulana Sherani- a right wing Islamo-fascist- on the nation has further exposed just how confused these “critical” supporters of the PPP are.  In an interview with Nadeem Farooq Paracha, a liberal par excellence and a real hero to all people fighting for sanity in Pakistan, they asked a question that laid bare just how terribly ignorant of history and how bankrupt their ideas are. PTH’s leadership has in the past surrendered to this blog. Continue reading


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