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Asma Jahangir : Reason To Hope

By Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

Serious surgical precision is needed in fixing the identity crisis of the state. The state has no business interfering in the affairs of a free man, or what mosques, temples or whatever places of worship he may visit. The state is there to provide protection to its citizens and enable them to guard their lives, liberty and their pursuit of happiness

Being elected to the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has made Asma Jahangir the bearer of great expectations for all progressives and liberals in the country who, until now, were holding their breath, looking at events unfold in the judiciary. Watching and waiting for some relief from human rights abuses — rounding up of political workers, little boys being framed under the draconian Blasphemy Law and Ahmedis being persecuted for being born into a religion the state conspires against — there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading


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Another Scandal Rocks Pakistani Cricket

By D. Asghar

The recent incident where a Pakistani cricketer, Zulqarnain Haider went missing in Dubai, and surfaced in London, should not surprise any one at all. In the wake of a full blown undercover sting, done by a British tabloid, where Pakistani cricketers allegedly participated in a match fixing scam, anything is expected from our national heroes.

The details of his sudden disappearance from Dubai rocked the entire Pakistani media. Then his announcement of resignation from cricket, due to threats to his life by unknown people fueled the mysteries surrounding this incident. In a nutshell, what he is alleging is that, he was approached by the “match fixers” and he refused to budge. ZH was questioned by British Immigration officials for hours as he supposedly applied for asylum in the UK. Continue reading


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