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Winds of Change from ‘Holly Land’

By Ahmad Nadeem Gehla

Those who have had an opportunity to do business with Arab corporates know very well that deals are neither transparent nor free from political influences. This is very rare that any corporate head from ‘Royal Family’ lodges a complaint with foreign governments or approaches other power centres in foreign states. Conspiracy theorists are terming the complaint of Saudi Prince against Ministry of Religious Affairs to be first cool wind of change from ‘Holly Land’. Obviously, their can be other reasons as well, as the present Minister for religious Affairs belongs to a sect of Muslim which is vocal against Taliban and not a favourite of Arab Kingdoms. This also might be a genuine discontent of business tycoon but it is difficult to believe that a Prince wont follow the ‘rules’ and protest as at home business follows the ‘Royalty’. Continue reading


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In Suicides We Trust

By D. Asghar

Every time there is an insane terror attack in the heart of Pakistani cities, within hours you see the holy warriors of TTP claiming the responsibility for such “remarkable valor.” It is unclear, why the law enforcement agencies have not tackled these murderers head on.

These cowardly acts are marketed as a fitting response to the US drone strikes. Or these are GOD fearing Mujahids waging a war against the infidels, so to speak. The term “infidel” has lost its real meaning. Any and everybody can be declared an infidel at a moment’s notice by any one. After that conclusive declaration, no further justification or reasoning for any action is warranted. Continue reading


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Elections in America and Pakistan

Bilal Qureshi

Pakistani community in America is watching the mid-term elections in America with fascination as for some of them; it is a great exercise in human freedom.

For this community, this election is also the source of anxiety because of its impact on Washington’s relationship with Islamabad.  Some argue that it will further complicate a very tense relationship, some worry that a change in balance of power will drive both parties to take a very hard line towards Pakistan for domestic political reasons. Few of the Pakistanis hope that ‘drone attacks will end’ and many in the community believe that Pakistan will be forgotten as the divided Congress will focus on winning the next election in 2012.

Perhaps, all of these views have some risk of becoming a reality. Still, it should be remembered that this election is more about ‘voter’s perceived’ towards Obama and nobody seems to particularly talking about radically altering America’s policy towards any country, except Iran. Continue reading

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