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Attack On Sherry Rehman: A Black Day for Democracy

By Aamir Mansoor

As a Pakistani who has long believed in democratic values and has also fought for them and as a person who has always believed that a democratic party like the PPP should be the torch bearer of democratic values that will serve the citizens of Pakistan, I am appalled at the attack that took place on Sherry Rehman’s house.

It was obvious from the nature of the gathering and slogans of the attackers outside Sherry Rehman’s house that the event was organized by her own party leadership. If my understanding is incorrect then why has no major PPP leader including the Co-Chairperson openly condemned the attack on their own colleague. Continue reading


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Mr Zardari is this your idea of a joke?

Guess what ministry this guy holds in our liberal democratic government?


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Shame on all Mullahs – the real enemies of Pakistan

The contributions of Ahmadis both to the creation of Pakistan and to its progress are innumerable.  While the Mullahs -who now have become the chachas and mamas of Pakistan – were abusing the Quaid-e-Azam and Pakistan as Kafir-e-Azam and Kafiristan,  Ahmadis worked diligently for the Pakistan Movement. This is a fact of history many in Pakistan now wish to deny. Today Ahmadis are persecuted in the country they helped found by people who were its worst enemies!

Interred body of an Ahmedi exhumed from a Muslim graveyard after protests held against the burial.

What should one say about the forcible disinterment of an Ahmadi corpse from a Muslim graveyard in Bhalwal, Punjab, on Sunday, except that it is a conundrum born out of our religious narrow-mindedness? The police asked the Ahmadi family to dig up the body themselves, or face public protest and possible violence. When they did not do so, the police, led by the local DSP, exhumed the body and handed it over to the family. Continue reading


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