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Ramchand Pakistani: A Film that Begs to Differ

Aisha Sarwari reviews the new film by Mehreen Jabbar
When India makes a movie about Pakistan it’s about how bad the Pakistan Army is, and when Pakistan makes a movie about India it is about how bad Hindus are. Between Lollywood and Bollywood you have a mesh of equally shallow, intellectually famished products that have more song and dance or appeal to violence, than it has a story line.

Mehreen Jabbar has chiseled away the Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan straightjacket at the onset of this directorial masterpiece in Ramchand Pakistani. Pakistani cinema moves its way up to showcasing complicated topics palatable enough to be played when crisis after crisis hits the Pakistani political scene. It is difficult to imagine the treacherous paths directors such as Jabbar and recently Shoeb Mansoor in his film, Khuda Key Liye faced when seeing these films to completion.

Needless to say that Pakistani directors have a formidable challenge simply because the Pakistani cinema-going populus is not mature enough and also because it hasn’t apparently hit critical mass. Yet, with a star cast like Nandita Das and Maria Wasti, Ramchand Pakistani will follow Khuda Key Liay and make record sales at the box office in Pakistan and abroad. Continue reading


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Why false statistics?

Dr. Zafar Altaf

The last eight years have been catastrophic for the country as the value system and the honesty systems have taken a heavy battering. Lies have been perpetuated and the inability of the present government is that it is unable to understand how to remove statistical lies. One way of doing this is to have an enquiry commission set up to correct the picture and to find all those demented individuals who were guilty of this intentional error guilty of mass lies. Not only have they violated a sacred code by these lies they have also set up an ability to lie in the future as well. Their crime is worse than that of the Bush administration for the simple reason that in the US there are always members of the civil society that can handle the situation.

Things have gone to such a pass that the Washington Post, in a leading article, has mentioned that Pakistan has not accounted for the $ 2 billion that was given to the country for the al Qaeda fight. The spreadsheets that have been sent to the Government Auditors Office (GAO), USA, have serious flaws and the office thinks that this is done to cover up the real areas where the expenditure took place. Why do we do this and why did the government of Shaukat Aziz provide this kind of information to GAO? Continue reading

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