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Jinnah Was The Most Secular Statesman Produced By The Muslim World

Liaqat Ali Khan with Mahomed Ali Jinnah

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

It is amazing that given the confusion created about the word “secular” in Pakistan by both the right and the left has so thoroughly disoriented the thought process of our intelligentisia, especially that which is christened by the state,  that it has failed to capitalize on the fact that Pakistan’s founding father was not just unambiguously secular but was the most secular statesman in the history of the greater Muslim world,  even more so than the great Kemal Ataturk, who is justifiably hailed as the father of secularism in the Muslim world.   Even Kemal Ataturk through an amendment to the constitution of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 instituted Islam as the state religion [1], which remained in the constitution till 1928 when Ataturk had it removed.   Jinnah never instituted a state religion and blocked every resolution or move whether in the Pakistani Constituent Assembly or the All India Muslim League Central Working Committee [2].  Continue reading


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“Bring Back Jinnah’s Pakistan” II


Secular And Nationalist Jinnah (Cover of a book by Dr. Ajeet Jawed, published JNU Press)

Ardeshir Cowasjee writing in Dawn:

There has to be something seriously wrong with a country in which many of its citizens are still arguing as to whether it should or should not have been made, or debating as to whether it came into being by accident, intent, design or even intrigue. All possible accusations have been levied against the logic of Pakistan’s making.

The fact is that Pakistan exists and has existed for 62 years — in what shape is quite another matter. Arguments on that score will never cease, and they should not as it failed initially to take off in the right direction. Continue reading


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Revisiting Jinnah

By Lavpuri

In the summer of 2005, I picked up a copy of Stanley Wolpert’s Jinnah of Pakistan from New Delhi’s Khan Market, a market located near Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s former residence, 10 Aurangzeb Road. Along with me, many others in journalistic and academic circles were buying books written on Pakistan’s founding father. Our interest in Jinnah and curiosity about his role in history had been piqued by a statement made by Lal Krishan Advani, the president of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). Continue reading


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Pakistan’s Hindu Diplomat Wants To Be A Proof Of Equality


Islamabad: A Hindu diplomat wants to stand out as the “proof of equality” in Pakistan, the “tolerant country”. Gyan Chand, who hails from Tharparkar in Sindh province, has made it to the elite foreign service of Pakistan.Chand says he “always” believed in the “equality philosophy of Pakistan”. He said his appointment to the foreign office “is proof of the equal opportunity the government and people of Pakistan offer to the rest of the minorities”. “I am a living symbol for all those minority youth who have dreams to make it big some day and to serve their country,” Chand said, adding that if one has the mettle, being Hindu or Muslim does not matter. “I have shown my mettle.” Continue reading


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Bollywood,Reality TV and Indian secularism

Bradistan Calling

Indian TV has seen numerous Bollywood reality shows, competition where common boys (and occasionally girls) have won places on movies by top directors. The Show that I want to talk about is Bollywood, blind-date and arranged (and staged) marriage all rolled into one big media circus. Continue reading


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Our Sacred Minorities

We are posting here a book review – courtesy Daily Times- which raises some very important points.  Pakistan is a multicultural and multiethnic society but often this is not represented or recognized.   It is therefore important to take a stock of the situation and make amends now for a pluralistic Pakistan starting perhaps with our national flag.  As a successor authority, the completely green flag of the Muslim League was amended and a white part was added to represent the minorities to show Pakistan’s diversity.  Unfortunately that white part has now become representative of exclusion rather than the principle of inclusion which it was to signify. It is high time that we constitutionally adopted the meanings of white and green along the lines that the original mover – Liaqat Ali Khan – suggested i.e. Green for Life,  White for Peace and Crescent and Star for Progress  -YLH

By Khaled Ahmed

The white patch in our flag are the non-Muslims. There was no one in our midst who objected to this separate white patch which means that there is a tacit Muslim acceptance of ‘separation’ of the non-Muslim. Even the Quaid did not protest who should have because he didn’t want people defined, divided or separated on the basis of religion. ‘Separation’ was something in the air after 1947. And the Muslim League flag had to be modified; so why not do it with a white patch? Continue reading


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Hindu, Sikh IDPs return to Swat

Amongst generally negative news,   there is this bit of positive that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.   We at PakTeaHouse had noted with concern the exodus of Sikhs of Swat under the spectre of Taliban rule.  Now with the Pakistan Army having won decisive victories, we note that Pakistani citizens from Hindu and Sikh faiths are beginning to return to Swat.  Daily Times reports:

First convoy of Hindu, Sikh IDPs returns to Swat Continue reading

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