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Soniah Kamal

“Everyone has some point at which they think that, all things considered, it’s not that in those circumstances lying isn’t wrong, it’s just that telling the truth would be so much worse. I am the SS. Do you have any Jews in your cellar? Does anyone think the right answer is yes, if it’s true?” Appiah went , “But I do think there is a separate issue with identity questions. If you are asked directly to reveal your deepest sense of who you are, it’s particularly difficult not to tell the truth. This is especially true in the free world, in the modern world, because we have this idea that you have the right to express your identity in the social world. And that one of the things that’s wrong with the situations that force people to pass.”

“Black for white passing first brought the Americanism passing into use…passing looks a lot different in our time than it did in the pre-civil rights days…”

from Passing: When People Can’t Be Who They Are by Brooke Kroeger, 2003
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