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The Politics of Secularism : Jinnah and India

by Shaheryar Ali
The anniversary of Partition of India has gone, the unfortunate consequence of anti-colonial struggle of the nationalists , communists and socialists on one  side and the British and communalists on the other. MA Jinnah had a reputation of being a very secular leader but he is also the one responsible for partition of India on religious grounds. Year back the right wing communalist Indian leader LK Advani praised Jinnah as being secular. It caused a controversy, both sides have lost sense of proportion in examining Jinnah’s secular character. I have found this article interesting one as it tries to build some foundations for such a analysis. The mistake has been to examine Jinnah statically , either God or Satan, Communal or secular. Important thing is to analyze him dynamically, his evolution from Liberal to conservative etc and the factors that governed such a evolution . The writer is a secular progressive Indian.
The Politics of Secularism
By N.Vijay Sai

It is important to keep oneself well informed about the early political life of Jinnah to get a better understanding of an individual who was hailed as one of the most enigmatic figures in Indian politics. Continue reading



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