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The proponents of Justice assume guilt without proof or process

Shaheryar Azhar, moderator, The Forum

Since everyone (or mostly everyone) assumes that Asif Ali Zardari and other politicians are corrupt no matter if they have not been convicted after 8 to 16 years of trials, scores of suits from stealing a pin to selling one’s mother, from a simple abuse of power to murder of one’s brother-in-law, no also one’s wife, millions of dollars of expenditure for collecting proof by the most ‘powerful’ and ‘honest’ government in Pakistan in trying its hardest to prove their guilt, eleven years of jail without conviction and since none of this matters to such people, a simple refutation from Asif Ali Zardari is worth posting.

These people, in addition as it must now be clear, also believe that such politicians should somehow be punished anyway. How? And by whom? For this they don’t care much – any old illegitimate man in uniform sitting as he always appears to them on a white charger issuing arbitrary justice will do. These proponents of Justice assume guilt without proof or process. The other tragedy is that the issue of corruption, assuming every allegation is correct, dominates political discourse to the exclusion of everything else. Financial corruption to this moderator is simply a social phenomenon (its quantum being tied directly to the inequality and over-all progress of the society) to be dealt with through the political and judicial process in time, not through coups and tearing up the constitution. The most important issue is one of political corruption and illegitimate or extra-judicial assumption and use of power. Continue reading


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The unreasonable – a poem

by Aadil Omer

“A reasonable man adapts himself to the world while an unreasonable man tries to adapt the world to himself, so all the the progress depends on the unreasonable men”
(George Bernard Shaw)

Its not just today,
That I’ve been scorned,
For venturing into,
A land; unseen.
That I’ve been shunned,
For flouting the norms,
Set by those who
call themselves ‘normal’. Continue reading


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Pakistani Art has a global appeal now

Some paintings sold this year at the Bonhams auction in Dubai.

Tassuduque Sohail (Pakistan, b. 1930) A prince entertaining a large company in a pavilion

Tassuduque Sohail (1930) A prince entertaining a large company in a pavilion Continue reading

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History is different from farce: Dr Mubarak

By Farman Ali (DAWN)
ISLAMABAD, July 8: Eminent historian and thinker Dr Mubarak Ali says the history written in Pakistan had been “dictated” by the ruling Establishment and represents its wilful perversion of facts “to accord with a fabricated ideology”.

“No authentic history has yet been written about Pakistan and its independence. There is a lot of confusion among the so-called pro-Establishment historians and educationists. Whatever has been written so far is distortion of history and entirely unbalanced,” Dr Ali told Dawn in an interview.

Unless the distortions were removed and facts told as they existed, the nation could not hope to make any real progress, he said, adding: “This is the lesson history has taught us”.

Dr Ali, who was interviewed over the weekend after he gave a lecture on the subject at Safma Media Centre the other day, said writing history in an ideological state was a problem. Continue reading


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