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In Memory of Ahmed Faraz

by Kashkin

I remember his verses
In his trails, words of revolution
In his thoughts, words of gold
Now carry we will, in our way
In continuation, to find
What became a dream?
For the poet, for our friend
A blessed soul, of our own
Not borrowed, not stolen
One of our own, the Faraz
We will miss him and words
That breathed revolution
Death can only bring whispers
But words, a torrent of revolution
Good bye my friend, sleep well!

picture courtesy Rehan Q



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Adieu Ahmad Faraz

ISLAMABAD: Renowned poet Ahmed Faraz passed away after a protracted illness, his son Shibli Faraz said. Faraz was 76. He was suffering from kidney disease and was hospitalised in Chicago. He returned to Pakistan recently where he continued to undergo treatment. He leaves behind a widow and two sons to mourn his death. He was among the torch-bearers of righteousness during the era of dictatorship and recently refused to accept the pride of performance award.

(The NEWS)


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