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Aazadi?: Celebrations or Mourning?

Posted by Shaheryar Ali

15th August was the anniversary of Partition of India which is celebrated as “freedom” by both India and Pakistan to misguide their people. A great tragedy where million were killed and which has sowed the seeds of continuous hatred in both countries. In Pakistan situation demands a re assessment of of the concept of freedom, to challenge the official propaganda and their  historical revisionism. The only people who benefited from partition are the ruling elite of both countries , which in order to keep their rule want to continue their politics of hate, segregation and communalism.The dreams of freedom were broken soon after 1947 when people realized that it was just a change of masters.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the famous communist poet of Pakistan echoed these sentiments in his revolutionary poem “14 August , Subeh e azzadi” where he said:

Ye dagh dagh Ujala , Ye Shub guzedda shaher

Intazar tha jis ka , ye wu shaher tu nahi!!

The tragedy of partition has been lamented by all progressive writers, Manto’s Toba Tek Singh” has acquired an epic status in this respect. In this age of confusion and capitalistic right wing media invasion, we must keep our ideology and ideas clear. Dr Mubarak Ali, the eminent Pakistani historian  has published a brilliant article which was published in  the Daily Dawn on 14th August 2008.  He asks a simple question, should we celebrate independence or mourn it?

 Changing concept of independence By Mubarak Ali Continue reading


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Long Live Pakistan

As they sway in with their voices
Of change, with promises of difference
Nowhere to be seen, the architects
Just simple glances, just the routine

Celebrate we will, our poverty and hunger
As we roll these flags, across our chests
Long live Pakistan, long live our nation
Only hope, only hope and just the prayers

Where voices are heard, in its echoes
Where promises are made, in its emptiness
Only remains in us, words and deeds
Of our past, the passion and fervor

Like an old wish of poet’s words,
Like an old words of Jinnah and Iqbal,
Amidst us, forgotten and neglected
Only for ceremonies, we call upon them

Here and there, dress up appropriately
No creases to be seen of our failures,
What is hunger and what is poverty
In this indifference, of all these challenges

Stand firm, as the guns roar in salutes
As we hoist this flag, built from dreams
Million sacrifices, the words cannot explain
Reach out to those, most are gone,
Only few, wrapped up in clothes of pain
From 1947, the day we became free
As we stand, to celebrate another year
From Waziristan to distant corners,
Lies there the evidence, of our endeavors

The search continues, for our basic rights
Long live Pakistan, as the voices emerge
From all quarters, from ordinary citizens
In immaculate attires, our politicians
To perform this ceremony again,
With fakes smiles and plastic existence
To perform the final tribute, in its offerings
As we watch through mist of time
All these years engulfed in trail of dust!


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Lahore: nine dead and 35 injured in a suicide attack targeting Independence celebrations

Source: The suicide bomber was targeting a group of police. Perhaps in a revenge attack for the arrests of some radical Islamic militants. Musharraf faces impeachment.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – The suicide caused 9 people and injured 35 others. The attack targeting a group of police took place in a crowded area, Allam Iqbal in Lahore, shortly before midnight as people thronged the streets ahead of celebrations marking the 61st anniversary of Pakistani Independence.

Two women police officers are among the dead.  The security personnel links the terrorist attack to the recent arrest of some radical Islamic militants.  According to eyewitnesses, the suicide bomber was a young bearded man who was waiting the arrival of the police at a crossroads.

A state of emergency has been declared across the city.

The attack took place just two days after the decision by some regional Assemblies (Sindh, Punjab and North Western Frontier) to push ahead with the impeachment of president Pervez Musharraf, forcing him to seek a confidence vote in parliament or resign from office.

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A message on the Independence Day

 Hi all,

I  Am a Kuwait based  freelance writer who is hooked onto ‘Pak Tea
House’. It is my window to the world I want to learn so much about.

I was just wondering if I could have some comments from you bloggers
for a small article.

Could some of you please share your reflections on the 61st
anniversary of Pakistan’s independence ….kya khoya , kya paaya!

Beyond the buntings, flags, banners and speeches that mark the Day,
what really needs to be done! What are the priorities? How can
relations be improved between Pakistan and India.

 Please give vent to your feelings…

Also, do add a little introduction about yourself…

Many thanks and best regards,

Deepa Pant

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