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A spiritual journey across America

Diplomat, film-maker, anthropologist and playwright Dr. Akbar S Ahmed continues to inspire many in his brave journey to prove to the world that Islamic values are universal and completely compatible with modernity, democracy, pluralism and liberalism.   This – as one can imagine- makes him an equally attractive target for both Islamo-fascists and Islamophobes.    For the world to heal the wounds of the last 10 years,   Dr Ahmed must succeed. I was especially touched by this remarkable article in the Washington Post.  -YLH

Courtesy Washington Post

By C. Naseer Ahmad

Professor Akbar Ahmed’s remarkable book “Journey Into America- The Challenge of Islam” inspired my recent journey across America.

Through his books, documentaries, lectures and other events, Professor Ahmed takes his students, friends and followers on many interesting journeys. Actually, I met the author at the Corner Bakery, Union Station, Washington, DC, when we both were on a journey to New York in November 2001. Since then I have accompanied Professor Ahmed to the FBI Academy, a meeting of a DC Chapter of a Jewish Community Organization, a US military base tour arranged with the help of the White House before the Iraq War and many landmark events. Continue reading


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