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Counting the losses- an estimate

By Moazzam Husain

Whilst it may be too early to predict economic losses given that the flow of water has not yet run its full course, what is clear is that the losses may reach catastrophic proportions.

The damage to infrastructure alone has been staggering with roads, bridges, farmland, power plants, dams, barrages and the irrigation system damaged across all four provinces and the northern  areas. Continue reading


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Under-reporting of non-Muslim Pakistanis – a major problem

Sardarji patrol- I almost got ticketed by him on Multan Road the other day for driving and taking his picture while driving.

     By Yasser Latif Hamdani

According to our official census Non-Muslims make up 3% of the Pakistani population.  In Punjab the number of Hindus is reported less than 20,000.   Sikhs are fewer than 10,000 – this too according to the official census.  Christians are said to be the second largest religious group in Pakistan with approximate 4 to 5  million adherents all over the country, again according to the official census. Continue reading


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After the floods, more disasters might follow

Riaz Ali Toori

A month ago, the two provinces of the country had a row about the “Water Issue” in Pakistan. There was lack of water for agriculture and in some areas there had been great shortage of drinking water. Neither Punjab nor the Sindh were willing to part ways with due share of water. The sweltering heat had compelled them to bow before Almighty with all humility and solicit for His mercy in the form of rain.

Today all provinces of Pakistan are flooded.  Men, women, and children are crying for shelter, food, drinking water and medicine. Our response towards the rehabilitation of victims is slow and the international donors are not as vigorous as they were in 2005 earthquake. The flood will bring a shift increase in poverty that can pave the paths of terrorists’ organizations to misuse the victims for nefarious motives. International community must come forward and announce generous donations that Pakistan can easily cope up with challenges of the disaster. Continue reading


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