Match fixing: shameful and unacceptable

The News of the World exposes cricket match-fixing scandal

Raza Rumi

The match-fixing allegations are not new for Pakistani cricketers. In the past, such allegations have been proved within the country. The recent scandal with circumstantial evidence broke out by a British tabloid is simply mind-boggling and shameful. We hope that a fair inquiry will remove the mist from the narrative presented by the media. But a thorough inquiry must take place and all the recommendations should be implemented.

Even if there is a grain of truth in the allegations against 7 members of the the team including Mohammad Amir whose bowling was ironically praised in the ongoing test match, it is a matter of serious concern and brings shame to all Pakistanis.

That such an incident happens at the world stage when Pakistan is struggling to recover from a major natural disaster and seeking international assistance has ramifications for the country and its people.

What is wrong with us? Is it that bad? The absence of rule of law and flouting of ethical standards in every sphere seems to be our fate?

Perhaps, another conspiracy – as I just heard a few people on the television. No. We must admit that we are sliding down and we need to face our grim realities and do something about it.


Match-fixer pockets £150k as he rigs England Test at Lord’s

News of the World smashes multi-million pound cricket match-fixing scandal

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By Mazher Mahmood & Amanda Evans, 29/08/2010

THE News of the World has smashed a multi-million pound cricket match-fixing ring which RIGGED the current Lord’s Test between England and Pakistan.

In the most sensational sporting scandal ever, bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif delivered THREE blatant no-balls to order.

Their London-based fixer Mazhar Majeed, who let us in on the betting scam for £150,000, crowed “this is no coincidence” before the bent duo made duff deliveries at PRECISELY the moments promised to our reporter.

Armed with our damning dossier of video evidence, Scotland Yard launched their own probe into the scandal.

How England Pakistan Test match was rigged for £150,000

Millions around the world watched Pakistan star bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif deliver three no-balls in the Test against England on Thursday and Friday at the historic home of cricket, Lord’s in London.

Unsuspecting fans packed the ground yesterday to watch Pakistan collapse as they were bowled out for 74 in their first innings and forced to follow on.

CAUGHT: Fixer Majeed beckons to our man to begin the £150,000 handover

CAUGHT: Fixer Majeed beckons to our man to begin the £150,000 handover

But today our shock footage of the players’ fixer Mazhar Majeed taking a massive £150,000 cash, and telling us EXACTLY when the no-balls would come, proves the game was RIGGED.

Having already trousered a £10,000 upfront deposit – which he insisted had gone to the stars – Majeed sat in our west London hotel room at the Copthorne Tara on Wednesday night and eagerly counted out the £140,000 balance in bundles of crisp £50 notes – our “entry ticket” into his already successful betting scam.

Our undercover team was posing as front men for a Far East gambling cartel. In return for their suitcase of money Majeed then calmly detailed what would happen – and when – on the field of play next day, as a taster of all the lucrative information he could supply in future.

He promised: “I’m going to give you three no-balls to prove to you firstly that this is what’s happening. They’ve all been organised, okay?

“This is EXACTLY what’s going to happen, you’re going to SEE these three things happen. I’m telling you, if you play this right you’re going to make a lot of money, believe me!”

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bowler Asif, skipper Butt, bowler Amir, keeper Akmal

LEFT TO RIGHT: Bowler Asif, skipper Butt, bowler Amir, keeper Akmal

We can sensationally reveal Majeed identified young Pakistan captain Salman Butt as the ringleader of the band of cheats. He also named wicket keeper Kamran Akmal and boasted he had a total of SEVEN corrupt cricketers in his pocket, all banking huge sums from bookies and betting syndicates.

The scam, fuelled by greed, is a betrayal by the players not only of their sport but of their cricket-crazy homeland.

COUNTING IT OUT: Fixer tots cash up bundle by bundle

COUNTING IT OUT: Fixer tots cash up bundle by bundle

As millions back home in Pakistan struggle against hunger and disease amid devastating floods, the cheats were defiling the reputation of Lord’s and lining their own pockets.

In a meeting with our investigators puppet-master Majeed:

  • BRAGGED that the scam is rife and future games against England this summer are already earmarked for cheating.
  • CONFESSED his match-fixing round the world had netted customers MILLIONS.
  • REVEALED how he oversees cheating by using no-balls, specifying how many runs will be scored or conceded in certain overs, with signals such as changing gloves to confirm the fix is on.
  • ADMITTED he abuses his position as owner of non-league Croydon Athletic FC to launder his illicit gains.

At one stage Majeed told us our syndicate could make “absolutely millions, millions” by paying him up to £450,000 a time for info on matches, then placing bets on the fixed outcome. And he tried to excuse the players’ shameful behaviour, claiming: “These poor boys need to. They’re paid peanuts.”

Majeed said he had even opened Swiss bank accounts for them to hide their ill-gotten gains. We launched our investigation two weeks ago after a tip-off. The Pakistan side has long been dogged by match-fixing allegations. Only today has the full shocking extent been laid bare.

MOMENT THAT SHAMED GAME: Star bowler Amir delivers Friday's promised no-ball

MOMENT THAT SHAMED GAME: Star bowler Amir delivers Friday’s promised no-ball

Property tycoon Majeed, 35, has a £1.8 million home in Surrey and is a familiar face at cricket grounds around the world. We infiltrated his criminal network posing as wealthy businessmen on the make.

Majeed turned up for our first meeting on Monday, August 16, at the Hilton in London’s Park Lane, dressed in jeans and a sweater. He immediately started bragging of his connections with the Pakistani team. “I manage ten of the players,” he told us. “I do all their affairs like contracts, sponsorship, marketing, everything. I work very closely with the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).”

Our reporters told him they wanted to organise their own Twenty20 tournament in the Middle East. Majeed claimed he would be able to provide his players for the right fee. When our man assured Majeed the players would do well out of it, he immediately said with a wink: “I know what you’re talking about because I know what goes on!”

Majeed then hinted at the extent of cheating in the game. . .

REPORTER: “If there’s two or three that are on for the other side, the betting side, then good luck – they’ll be really happy.”

MAJEED: “There’s more than two or three. Believe me. It’s already set up. That’s already there. I’m very wary speaking about this simply because I don’t know you guys. I’ve been dealing with these guys for seven years, okay? Who we deal with and how we deal with it is very, very important. This is the main thing. I’m only dealing with certain people. How we do it and what we do is very, very crucial.”

REPORTER: “You’re already dealing with another party on this matter? Give us some tips as well if you’ve got any. Happy to cut us in?”

MAJEED: “Yeah I’ll give you tips.”

REPORTER: “If there’s anything we need to know in the forthcoming match let me know. Happy to pay.”

Majeed said he was worried our men could be wearing tape recorders and he would check them out before going further.

IT'S A DEAL: Satisfied Majeed puts money back in case

IT’S A DEAL: Satisfied Majeed puts money back in case

Two days later at the Bombay Brasserie Indian restaurant in central London, Majeed told us we had begun to gain his trust. He had spent the day at the Oval where Pakistan bowled England out for 233 on the first day of the third Test. After a trusted source vouched for our credentials, Majeed relaxed and laid his cards on the table. . .

MAJEED: “I do feel that I can speak to you about this, okay? Now, yes. . . there is very big money in it.”

REPORTER: “There’s still? I know there was, but they clamped down on match fixing I heard.”

MAJEED: “They’ve toned down match-fixing a lot, yeah. They’ve made it very, very difficult. These guys won’t deal with just anybody. The only reason they’ll deal with me is because they know I’m professional, they’ve known me for years.

“I’ve been doing it with them, the Pakistani team, for about 2½ years. And we’ve made masses and masses of money.”

Later that night Majeed boasted how it was the players who got HIM into match-fixing. He told us: “The players would never tell anybody else. They were the ones who actually approached me about this. This is the beauty of it.

“I was friends with them for four, five years and then they said this happens. I said really?”

OVER: Majeed leaves with the cash that fixed Lord's Test

OVER: Majeed leaves with the cash that fixed Lord’s Test

Majeed then described how the betting scam operates. He reached into a carrier bag, pulled out a white BlackBerry phone and flicked through a series of messages.

“I deal with an Indian party,” he said. “They pay me for the information.”

Then Majeed explained how many cricket bets are placed on what he called “brackets” – events happening in a group of 10 overs.

If players score well in the first three overs punters would be likely to bet on that continuing for the next seven. But if the fixed players then deliberately STOP scoring or slow down, anybody in on it can “make a killing”, said Majeed. The same happens with bowlers giving away runs or throwing no-balls.

Not only is Majeed’s information invaluable to syndicates involved in spread betting – where wagers are staked on a range of possible outcomes – it is also golddust for shady bookies looking to manipulate the odds in their favour.

The following night – Thursday August 19 – Majeed demanded £10,000 then revealed to us there would be two no-balls in the following day’s Oval play.

That fix was cancelled on the day. So was a promised maiden over by captain Salman Butt on the Saturday – final day of the Test England lost. But days later – with our extra £140,000 in his hands – he delivered the promised goods at Lord’s.

Last night a Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Following information from the News of the World we have today arrested a 35-year-old man on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.”

Scotland Yard officers last night visited Lord’s and the Pakistan players’ London hotel. Police are set to speak to the players today.

In a joint statement issued early today, the International Cricket Council, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Pakistan Cricket Board confirmed the Test would resume today as planned.

The statement added all three bodies were assisting the police with their inquiries, but as the matter was under investigation they would not be making any further comment.

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  1. shanil salim

    PTH administrators(managers,owners),put in a facebook sharing option for your articles,your facebook page(shown at the right side) has no recent updates,has no activity,if you can’t have a facebook page uploading your articles to the newsfeed section of your facebook subscribers,atleast have the option of sharing articles from this site .

    the 3 sharing options you’ve added have negligible users & are of no consequence.

    Email & facebook sharing options are the features to put in.

  2. Zia Ahmad

    Speaking of facebook, loved this comment about the matchfixing fiuasco,
    “now wait for the chorus of “Yeh Saazish hai Pakistani ka naam badnaam karne ke liye” and “No Muslim can be a Match Fixer”.

  3. Tilsim

    These people need to be given exemplary punishment. No words can begin to describe how we feel.

  4. I thank PTH and RR for publishing this detailed writeup about Corruption/Outrageous/Ignonim-ous Practices which are not cricket, a far cry from Islam as well as decency. My hat is off to NEWS OF THE WORLD for this expose on which they put theeir =Rs 2O million hard-cash on line … a far cry from our indigenous media (robber) barons. In the past, pre-New National Policy days dishonewst-to-goodness judges let off our crooked and dancing-to-their deep-pockets cricket players.

    As a lawyer and denizen of Pakistan, I have been very outspokenly/ strongly against death penality (because it is irreversible), but now I am at the verge of changing my mind. For Economic Murder of Pakistan and for Satanical Demeaning of it … public hangings should be prescribed by law.

    Strange things happened in our native Country (which is drowning in more senses than one!)during the fifty year preceding the NNJP … two of my law classmates who flunked (and nobly -graduated later than me became Chief Justices of Pakistan .. they also became multibillionaires; but true to their form never wrote any worthwhile judgment. During those days of chameleon-chancery (succumbing at the altar of our Moltherland and lipservicing just ice and convenient chicanery) … few could dare to protest against the burgeoning evil.

    I suggest when our beloved premee-cricketers return to Pakistan; they should be accorded Lie Detection/Polgraph tests (per Art. 164 of the Law of Evidence/ QANOON-E SHAHAADAT) and those who flunk Lie Detection Tests should be publicly punished, e.g., generously chittrolled/ thoroughly litterrolled; their faces blackened and put on a donkey to tour of GT Road from Karachi to Khyber … thus turning a new p;age away cfrom CHALTA-HAEY and also setting a shinning new example. Courts can award that punishment under their inherent, pendant and ancillary as wsell as Qazi and corollarfy jurisdiction.

    ((Try it you like it!))

  5. In the above writeup there are Nine minor typos .. I declare/decree them to be major ArtWorks.

    So Be It:


  6. Hayyer

    Syed Iqbal Geoffrey:
    Your whole post is a work of art in itself. Those subordinate art clauses add char chand to the masterwork.

  7. Natasha

    *Butt dedicates the scandal to the flood affectees*

  8. no-communal

    This is one thing Pakistan (bookies) can expect true cooperation from India (underworld). Let’s think of a clever way to use this for building mutual trust.

  9. lal

    It was really disheartening…if some old guy at the end of his career decides to throw away some matches out of frustration,it can be put on human frailty…but Mohammed Amir was a certain bet for the ICC newcomer of the year,if not the bowler of the year…when a young 18 year old,on his first tour,succumbs to things like this,the rot runs really deep.

  10. Straight-Talk

    What the baffles the most is when Pakistan is capable of producing continuously brilliant players, why the PCB brings again and again their tainted and implicated (also self proclaimed retired) players in to national team. Why Pakistan left them easily by only imposing fine which in any case, they’re capable of paying.

  11. Straight-Talk

    sorry: What baffles the most is……..

  12. Most baffling is Why Pakistan again??

    Pakistani cricket team has great talented players…….its hard to accept such “behaviour” and “performances” from such a talented side!!

    Its a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of wasting talent……

  13. Talha

    Please send these players to Sialkot to play a cricket match after Sehri.

    I think that ours and their problems will be solved by Sialkoti’s.

  14. Talha

    Forgot to add this but maybe RAW (India), Mossad (Yahoodi’z) or CIA (Americans) have a hand in this. This could be to bring shame to our pure nation where such incidents never occur because we are a Muslim nation.

    There is a foreign hand involved in this to rid us of our Atum Bumbs.

  15. libertarian

    Here we go again. Let the self-loathing begin.

    I don’t see how Asif, Butt or Akmal plays again. Even if the PCB and ICC absolve them – highly unlikely – the fans will start vanishing if they show up. They’re radioactive – as they should be. As for Amir – what a colossal waste. This kid deserves so much more than he’s getting right now. I’m hoping he squeaks through and continues playing, having learned a lesson for life.

  16. Vijay Goel

    They are a bunch of the Most talented players in the world. Amir exceptional. Even Wasim was not that devastating at 18. They cd not get to play at IPL. Then who is losing some arm chair gamblers. They did wrong. Ok. Punish them with fines but let them play. The people making most noises will sure be who fear to lose playing them.

  17. lal

    @ Vijay Goel


    I agree that Amir is the best bowler we have seen for a long long time.Even Asif,we like to watch,despite the allegations against him before.Remember asif castling VVS Lakshman,with the offcuttter..he is someody as good as Mcgrath.

    But I dont agree with your prescription.Mohammed azharuddin is an MP,Jadeja is an expert in a leading english channel,Wasim is a commentator with ESPN and Sharukhs buddy,Waqar is pakistans bowling coach.

    If we are letting all these players go,what stops the next bunch of asifs and amirs to do the same.If you have to just pay fine when you get caught,there will hardly be any credibility to the gentlemans game.

    Anyway this case is thankfully out of ICC s and PCB s jurisdiction.If the case is proved they will be charged under the specific ganling and cheating act in UK

  18. Nonsense

    Talha: It’s because of conspiratorial thinking and the sort of passing the buck you display in your post that no serious discourse is possible on issues of gravity. Take responsibility for your fellow man and stop claiming your hands are tied by powerful outside forces. It’s enough already

  19. shiv

    @ Tilsim
    These people need to be given exemplary punishment. No words can begin to describe how we feel.

    I don’t disagree with the sentiment but I would like to point out a scenario in which rampant corruption in society would force young Pakistani cricketer into this sort of stuff by sheer blackmail.

    One of the kingpins of match fixing in the world is fellow Indian Dawood Ibrahim who lives in Karachi using the hospitality of the much respected Pakistani army because of his role in anti-India terror.

    Dawood’s main business is extortion. Terror is only a part time hobby. I can imagine how this person’s henchmen would approach a Pakistani cricketer in Pakistan and “make an offer that he cannot refuse” in which the cricketer is instructed to accept money and bowl the no ball or give away his wicket. Refusal could mean all sorts of punishment ranging from being left out of the team – to having family members shot dead.

    The Pakistani cricket team may only be the scapegoats who are paying the price for the state of governance in Pakistan and the allies that the high and mighty have in Pakistan.

    Like the deeper story of the two Sialkot brothers who were actually gun toting goons themseleves, there is sure to be a deeper story here.

  20. @nonsense

    Ever consider the possibility that poor Talha was being ironic?

  21. shiv

    If you put yourself in the position of a twenty something cricketer who has been told that his world will collapse if he fails to accept money and commit a minor misdemeanor – do you seriously believe the man will be able to pipe up after getting caught and say “Oh I was threatened”. If he says who threatened him – his family or he will be personally harmed. And the match fixers have ISI support.

    Your cricketers are merely pawns.

  22. Vijay Goel

    Just a thought. Posters from Pakistan seem to say Give the Cricketers an exemplary punishment they are easy to catch but let the purpetrators of Mumbai or LET get away for want of enough evidence. Indians say Cricketers guilty of a misdemeanour ok but catch the Big Fish. Big Fish too powerful so the poor gets a taste of justice. Its the same the World over.

  23. libertarian

    @Tilsim: These people need to be given exemplary punishment. No words can begin to describe how we feel.

    There’s no defending Butt. And Akmal is a talentless political animal who nobody will miss. But Asif and especially Amir, are outstanding. It’s easy to defend their actions – making some bucks for no-balls. Not really horrendous. Poor guys get whipped around by that giant idiot Ijaz Butt and his team of butt-lickers. Given a chance to make a few bucks for no-balling I would say yes too. The Pak players make so little it’s no wonder they’re easy to buy off. I was shocked at the pay scale – I have chefs and confectioners making more than these guys do. Dhoni makes with one ad what these guys make in a year.

    I don’t think this is the time for “national shame”. It might be an opportunity to vivisect the PCB – which richly deserves it. If you guys could get over your India hangup you should hire Lalit Modi – booted out of IPL – to turn these kids into a money-making machine for themselves and for Pakistan.

  24. Amit Kumar

    You guys know nothing. Zaid Hamid has just broke the real story from his sources…its a Hindu Zionist conspiracy to defame pakistan..

    Gazwa-e-Hind se eskaa jawaab diya jaayega..

  25. Vijay Goel

    Continuing from where I left Cricketers have brought great joy and pride to your Nation at a time when you need it and will do so in future also. But the terrorists have brought nothing but tears. Give your Cricketers a break and allow them to reform.

  26. Talha

    @ Nonsense: Read Sarcasm

  27. poke

    These Punjabis and pathans have always been available for sale… what’s new.
    Britishers bought them at will and used them, Pakistan, US and saudi arabia bought them and used their services against USSR, bin laden has bought their loyalty….
    Loot, Plunder and rape are three passions for the tribals .

  28. ali hamdani

    A major natural disaster has occurred in Pakistan we people seeking international assistance has ramifications for the country and its people already. Comes at a worst time when we need to prove transparency for the process.

  29. About Shiv’s commentary about Who’s Who of Pawns. I beg his pardon, in Pakistan we, the citizenry, are all pawns – – to beetlenuts, to nouveau-rich bears, to wicKKKed game our cricketers play and plague and to bigwig bogus leaders. In the past there has been no rap on the knucle of the guilty, just make-believe of hokus pokus involving wishy-washy disciplinary proceedings as as an eyewash- – hence we had to see this day of ignomity and disgrace. There just are no extenuating circumstances that would justify any wasting of any compassion towards the crooked culprits. They have diminished/nauseated/polluted the gentlemen’s game.

  30. Shahid

    Allahu….Why create such furore over a stupid game. I agree slap them a fine and get going. We have more important things to do than cry over gimmicks from British Tabloids. Another way to malign us innocents durring Ramadan. In advance Eid Mubarak-may allah be with us.

  31. Nasir

    Such a shame but i cannot help wondering how long it will be before a Jahil mullah lover comes on this blog and tells us all this was a CIA / Mossad / Raw / Ahmadi muslim / Shia muslim conspiracy?

  32. Shahid

    Shut up Nasir you RAW spy…Get in touch with the reality of soil. You pork eating, india loving moron. YLH bhai isko censure karo.

  33. Pakinditani

    same! shame! shame!

    Give the culprits exemplery punishment (life ban minimum) after thorough investigation. take time and get to the root of the rot.

  34. Parvez

    What is the big problem. None. Make it legal to take money. End of the story.

  35. All crimes must be followed by punishment , punishment then can be followed by reform or compassion/reprieve.

    In Pakistan for half a century a Reverse Ganges (Ultea Ganga) has been flowing (flooding?) unhampered.

    There has been no knack on the knuckle of the
    unrepentant KKKulprits. Ad hoc measures and measuring of deep-pockets (also of pre-New National Judicial Policy “judges” and lawyers-on-the-take) have been the unbriddled rulers (and footas and cutlery, to wit ‘chamchas’) of the Roost. That roost has come , finally!, home for roasting.

    My holy prophet Mohammed warned fifteen centuries ago: “When double standards become endemic, such nations are extinguished by God All Mighty!”. We need to heed that urgently .. that is now .. as time is ticking … …

    Barrister Syyed Iqbal Jafree of Slarpore/Brighton/ Pacific Palisades

  36. no-communal

    Now it seems that a section of PCB itself is in bed with Karachi mafia on betting. So Dawood Ibrahim from his Karachi mansion may have a role after all. shiv could be right on spot here.

  37. KB

    I don’t know why but that picture with Salman Butt and the fixer looks like it has been photoshopped.

  38. Sammy

    Pakistanis are pathetic. Even the match fixing was done for such a low amount of money. Look at India, their Common Wealth Games is beset by 28,000 crore rupees scam by Congress party leaders. That is called corruption, not this idly-pidly money that is coming from match fixing. Punish these players for bringing shame to Pakistan for such piddy sums of money and train them properly for bigger fixes.

  39. pAKISTANIS are not pathetic, their vagabond/misanthropic leadership is parapathetic (to throw that 4000-years old cloak/yoke aint gonna happen quickly, but the chanGe is brewing will errupt soon.

    The description of the described payola as “idly-pidly” is poetic and beautiful.

    The little pigs indulging idly-pidly forex-kickbacks are just the avant-garde of big guns siphoning off billions and billions + untold bullion. They employ their loyal-faithfuls in Packistan to indulge in minor hanky-panky to divert/save-vouch the huge trillion rupee scams hapenning steadily from insiders within-within… Thast is how the cookie crumbless and Pakistan is crumbling.

    (go… went … ).

    Syyed Iqbal Geoffrey
    Pakistan Institute of Human Rights
    Estbd. 1959. [[Donation and bank loans for officeholders’ spouses are not requested nor accepted]]

  40. humanist

    If you “love the game of cricket”,then instead of wasting your whole week on a test as spectator, go and play 10 over match in a ground with friends or family… a small excerpt from a book `How life really works`
    “Spectator Sports, movies and commercial television/radio target people with limited intellectual resources. These diversions are passive in nature, appeal exclusively to our base motivations and involve only minimal brain activity. The optimum of entertainment equals the minimum of exposure to these means of killing time.
    Optimally, entertainment should be oriented toward culture. It could be enriching, instead of being just a mind-numbing method for killing time. If we minimize these passive diversions, we will gain time to engage in more innately satisfying activities. Time-wasting, brain-numbing digressions serve no purpose but to detract from real life, similar to the effect of drugs or alcohol.”

  41. no-communal

    Here is Geoff Lawson’s take on the match fixing in The Sun. Think twice before calling for life ban on Amir at least. We will need and hire him in KKR in IPL.

    “Lawson, an ex-Aussie fast bowler, was in charge of Pakistan’s team for 15 months until October 2008.

    He said: “It wouldn’t surprise me if illegal bookmakers have told players that, if they don’t perform X and Y, their families will be kidnapped or harmed.

    “If these allegations of fixing are proved, it could be related to extortion, threats and the well-being of their own family.

    “In my time as Pakistan coach, I gained some incredible insights into the workings of the country and team and I’ll never forget the time the captain called me up to his room on the eve of a match.

    “Earlier that day, a player who we had not selected approached me, saying, ‘I was told I would be playing tomorrow.’

    “My response was, ‘Well, no, you’re not, you have obviously been given the wrong information.’

    “Then the skipper called me late in the evening. I went to his room and he was standing there with a very sombre-looking selector.

    “This selector said, ‘We must pick (the player who approached me earlier). I have been told that, if he is not in the team tomorrow, my daughter will be kidnapped and I will not see her again.’

    “At first we both laughed, but then we realised he was being serious.

    “Our chairman called the president of the country, Pervez Musharraf, who in turn phoned the people behind the threats and said they had better reconsider or else. The next we heard the matter had been resolved.”

    Lawson also said he felt some sympathy for 18-year-old fast bowler Mohammad Amir, who is accused of bowling no-balls to the orders of a match fixer.

    He said: “The first time I met Mohammad Amir was when he was 16 at an Under-19s camp.

    “He comes from a small village and was delayed by three hours because the Taliban had closed the highway.

    “One thing that struck me about Amir was his constant smile, his zest for the game.

    “I’ll never condone any form of fixing but we should consider a cricketer might not be thinking of personal gain but of getting money to buy a generator for his village because they don’t have electricity.

    “I also had a lot to do with Mohammad Asif and he was always missing training to look after his sick mother. He has spent a lot of his money on looking after his family.”

  42. The crying shame is that after Cricket-on-the-take dis-PLAY by some of our so-called (albeit CroioKKKed to core!!!) cricketers in England (causing untold ignominy and utter disgrace/shame to decent Motherland) … now State funds are being planned in order to be designer-wasted on superficially defending the seasonede-culprits who acted personally (being paid payolas by fixzers and former Cinema-tickets blacketeers is NOT part of their function bas members of the Pakistani Team!) and must pay for their defense from their own deep-pockets. Millions of pounds will be artfully spent on a useless and sham defense led by our wishytwashy, idly-pidly Wajid Shamsul Hassan who is also British (since 1990’s) and has made huge wealth, domicile and home (and black moneys) in England.

    India sends 11 feet top scholars as its High Commissioners, we have Surrey Palace and Oil Dealers (by Nawaz SharrREEF) minions as our High Commissioners to the Court of Saint James’s. No wonder our image is gushing into the gutter of oblivion and stigmatiZZZZZation…

    Fraud vitiates the $olemnest!!

    I have a simple sollution to offer … impart impartial LIE DETECTION TESTS to the accused and their benefactors. It will separate the truth from make-believe trivia and attractive spin. Only catch is that if our cricketers fail polygraph tests, a fortiori, these will be used against them. So they are not eager to volunteer for such testing .. which is perfectly Islamic.

    If they pass the Lie Detection Tests successfully (without traces of deception), the Director of Prosecutions in London will accept the outcome graciously … that is an inexpensive, very trustworthy, quite honourable and dignified, with-it course of action.

    In 1979 I proposed, drafted and endeavoured to get enacted avant-garde
    Article 164 of the Pakistan Law of Evidence. Courts in Pakistan can order administration of polygraph tests.

    Let us not rudderlessly waste scant forex resources of this poor, plundered and Exploited nation.

    Pakistan is drowning .. physically, metaphysically, metaphorically … and morally.
    This is severely deplorable + no cause for applause.

    Barrister Syyed Mohammed Jawaid Iqbal Jafree
    of Slarpore, LLM with Honor Paper (Harvard) SAPSC PC as from
    Old Square
    Lincoln Inn
    London WC2
    ======================================Current Camp Phone 0092 345 426 6785
    11 Caliph Omer Plaza
    1 Mozang Road, PK-54000-LAHORE,

  43. PS:
    i apologise for my typos, never learned to type or sterotype. Iqbal